Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cape Coast Castle

As a zone they went to the Cape Coast Castle. The castle has been there for hundreds of years and was used to store slaves before shipping them to America. It was really humbling for Elder Meinzer to see the conditions that they would have kept some of the slaves in.

They also had transfers last week, which was Elder Meinzer's final time. And nobody got lost.

The work has been slow but Sunday's are "sweet". They usually have around ten investigators at church each week. Following church, they taught seven lessons. They definitely have investigators that are progressing. Nana should be baptized in the next few weeks. Affran had read the first five chapters in the Book of Mormon before they met him last week. When they sat down he gave them a comprehensive summary of those chapters. When Elder Meinzer asked him how he felt about what he read, he replied, "I feel that it is good, and that no ordinary man could write a book like this."

They have a lot of solid investigators but Elder Meinzer isn't sure if they will be ready for baptism before he leaves.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Transfer Left

Last Saturday they went to the Boakye's farm and weeded for about two hours. Elder Meinzer enjoyed the physical exercise and liked pushing himself to continue weeding even though he was tired.

Ghana has been playing in the Africa Cup of Nations for the past couple of weeks. Ghanaians are really into their soccer. Whenever they score all of Assin Foso erupts into cheering and celebrating.

Last week at District meeting, Elder Meinzer was able to learn some things from the instructions. "Even though I'm almost coming home, there's still things to be learning." He saw that he needs to pray more for the companionship of the Holy Ghost and when he is teaching he shouldn't think about what he will say next, but try to listen to the investigator and the Holy Ghost more. "I need to have more faith that if I open my mouth, it will be filled."

The investigators are progressing, but progressing slowly. They have also been meeting with members and recent converts which has been good.