Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Only like 9 more e-mails home"

At Zone Leader Council a thought was shared about the three degrees of thinking-Celestial thinking is motivated by love, Terrestrial thinking is motivated by duty and Telestial thinking is motivated by fear.

The stake baptism goal was 88 and they baptized 88 this last quarter. The stake baptized 170 for the entire year. That isn't bad for only seven companionships. During their meeting with the Stake President they talked a lot about retention and knowing the individuals. The Stake President even complimented Elder Meinzer saying the missionary organization has improved since Elder Meinzer came and the missionary work is better. Elder Meinzer really appreciated the compliment and it helped him see that he is doing more than he things he is.

Elder Meinzer completed reading Jesus the Christ for the second time on his mission.