Monday, January 2, 2012

"I'm coming home this year"

Elder Meinzer's World

The beginning of the week went really well and Elder Meinzer and Elder Mbong had hopes that it was a prelude to a good transfer. It wasn't. "The rest of the week tanked." But on Tuesday they were able to go out and have six lessons. Wednesday was the day of transfers and everybody got to their intended destinations except Elder Sanft (who went to Ghana with Elder Meinzer). They had told him to get off at Assin Foso and he got off at Assin Praso, which is on the border of the Ashanti Region and Central Region. He was far away. They got in a taxi to go get him after they discovered the mistake but didn't know where exactly he was. The driver kept asking them where they were going and they had to tell him they didn't know.

They were able to do a little service project. They molded cement blocks. Basically they mixed sand and some water, then pack it into molds, then dump out the form of a block that they use to build houses. They struggled at first because the blocks were breaking but eventually got good at it.

Ransford is progressing well and is on track for baptism. and 90 year old man named Kojo came to church yesterday and told them he is going to go to their church for the rest of his life.