Monday, January 16, 2012

One of the Oldest Companionships

Elder Meinzer went on splits this week, which made the week go by a lot faster. They went with Achiase on Wednesday and Elder Mbong took Elder Akpan (Nigeria) back to their area while Elder Meinzer stayed with Elder Boakye (Ghana). Elder Boake has only been out two transfers but is doing well. He is filled with the greenie spirit and they teach on average eight lessons a day.

They also went on splits with Twifi Praso and Elder Meinzer went with Elder Alysius (Nigeria) and Elder Awatey (Ghana). They are working hard. The road to and from Twifo Praso was extremely dusty since it is the dry season so everything was absolutely covered in dust when they got off.

Their zone, in fact the whole mission, is very young. Of the 14 elders in their zone, 10 are under eight months. Elder Meinzer and Elder Mbong are probably the oldest companionship in the mission.

Elder Meinzer has been putting an added effort into studying the Book of Mormon, and as a result, "I feel the Spirit a lot more and feel like a better teacher. It's kinda cool!"