Monday, January 30, 2012

Big 21 Birthday

To celebrate his birthday Elder Meinzer went out and got fried rice and chicken (which is kind of like the nice meal in Ghana). "It was delicious."

This week Elder Meinzer went with his companion to the farm and spent hours watering individual tomato plans by hand with a tiny cup and a bucket of water.

About a month ago Elder Meinzer contacted a man and gave him a Book of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet, thinking that it would be the last time he saw him since he lives out in some village. Last week he called them to come meet with him. He had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and had a good understanding of it. They had a great discussion where they touched on points from all of the five lessons, including the restoration, the priesthood, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, some of the commandments, temples and baptism for the dead. The lesson just flowed with the questions he was asking. He has tried many different religions. He said he feels like he has a hole inside him that he can't seem to fill. At the end of the lesson, Elder Meinzer asked him if he felt like the hole inside him had been filled a bit. He sat and thought for a second, then said, "Yes." He definitely wants to learn more and came to church yesterday.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Less Than Two Months

Elder Meinzer met with his Mission President. At the end of the interview, he asked Elder Meinzer if he had any questions. Elder Meinzer asked him what he saw in him, since he had the gift of discernment. He answered that Elder Meinzer is an obedient guy and that he doesn't give himself enough credit. Elder Meinzer thought he summed him up pretty well. He also told him, "God doesn't expect you to be perfect yet so you shouldn't either."

Last Sunday a man came to church named Frank. They thought he was an investigator. But, when they met with him on Saturday they found out he was baptized in 1993 and stopped going to church once he moved to Assin Foso. They reviewed the Restoration with him and it was a really good lesson.

Monday, January 16, 2012

One of the Oldest Companionships

Elder Meinzer went on splits this week, which made the week go by a lot faster. They went with Achiase on Wednesday and Elder Mbong took Elder Akpan (Nigeria) back to their area while Elder Meinzer stayed with Elder Boakye (Ghana). Elder Boake has only been out two transfers but is doing well. He is filled with the greenie spirit and they teach on average eight lessons a day.

They also went on splits with Twifi Praso and Elder Meinzer went with Elder Alysius (Nigeria) and Elder Awatey (Ghana). They are working hard. The road to and from Twifo Praso was extremely dusty since it is the dry season so everything was absolutely covered in dust when they got off.

Their zone, in fact the whole mission, is very young. Of the 14 elders in their zone, 10 are under eight months. Elder Meinzer and Elder Mbong are probably the oldest companionship in the mission.

Elder Meinzer has been putting an added effort into studying the Book of Mormon, and as a result, "I feel the Spirit a lot more and feel like a better teacher. It's kinda cool!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Only like 9 more e-mails home"

At Zone Leader Council a thought was shared about the three degrees of thinking-Celestial thinking is motivated by love, Terrestrial thinking is motivated by duty and Telestial thinking is motivated by fear.

The stake baptism goal was 88 and they baptized 88 this last quarter. The stake baptized 170 for the entire year. That isn't bad for only seven companionships. During their meeting with the Stake President they talked a lot about retention and knowing the individuals. The Stake President even complimented Elder Meinzer saying the missionary organization has improved since Elder Meinzer came and the missionary work is better. Elder Meinzer really appreciated the compliment and it helped him see that he is doing more than he things he is.

Elder Meinzer completed reading Jesus the Christ for the second time on his mission.

Monday, January 2, 2012

"I'm coming home this year"

Elder Meinzer's World

The beginning of the week went really well and Elder Meinzer and Elder Mbong had hopes that it was a prelude to a good transfer. It wasn't. "The rest of the week tanked." But on Tuesday they were able to go out and have six lessons. Wednesday was the day of transfers and everybody got to their intended destinations except Elder Sanft (who went to Ghana with Elder Meinzer). They had told him to get off at Assin Foso and he got off at Assin Praso, which is on the border of the Ashanti Region and Central Region. He was far away. They got in a taxi to go get him after they discovered the mistake but didn't know where exactly he was. The driver kept asking them where they were going and they had to tell him they didn't know.

They were able to do a little service project. They molded cement blocks. Basically they mixed sand and some water, then pack it into molds, then dump out the form of a block that they use to build houses. They struggled at first because the blocks were breaking but eventually got good at it.

Ransford is progressing well and is on track for baptism. and 90 year old man named Kojo came to church yesterday and told them he is going to go to their church for the rest of his life.