Monday, December 5, 2011

Three Fast Sundays Left

Elder Meinzer's week began with being squished into a tro-tro to go on splits with the Elders in Praso. There are four elders and all are under nine months on their missions. He went with Elders Sarpong and Levi. Elder Sarpong has been on his mission six months and he is training Elder Levi, who has been out for like two weeks. He was really impressed with Elder Sarpong, who gave Elder Levi a lot of room to grow by allowing him to make decisions and take the lead in lessons.

The missionaries now get their subsistence through an ATM. Foso recently got an ATM so Elder Meinzer was really looking forward to not needing to make the 3-4 hour round trip to Cape Coast and back to collect money. In typical Ghanaian fashion, the ATM was broken. So, the entire zone had to go to Cape Coast. Their tro-tro broke down. Along the way Elder Meinzer saw a store filled with American goods. "I would describe it as being a type of Celestial Kingdom." He bought pringles, two candy bars and 7 Up.

Elizabeth was baptized. They gave her a Book of Mormon Storybook, which she looks through frequently.

Elder Meinzer woke up at 5:00 this morning so that he could go on a run with Elder Reid, from Colorado. He was a cross-country runner. After running for an hour and half, he had to call it quits. After running for like 30 minutes, he had to stop and walk for 5 minutes. After another 30 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking. Then 30 minutes, then 3 minutes. After the run they found a place that sold chocolate milk, so they bought some for their recovery drink. :)