Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gift of Understanding

Elder Meinzer and his companion went on splits with the Assin Foso north apartment. Elder Meinzer went with Elder Butler (from Orem) and Elder Reid (from Colorado). He really enjoyed it. In the zone of 14, they are the only other Americans. During that time Elder Meinzer realized that he is a lot more capable than he thinks he is. It is when he is with other missionaries that have less experience than him that he sees how far he has come.

They had a three zone Christmas devotional and had some great talks by some of the missionaries. Each of the missionaries received a Kente tie and an oil vial. On the tro tro ride back home Elder Meinzer was really proud of his zone as he watched them having Gospel discussions with the people next to them.

They contacted a man named Felix last week and began teaching him. "It was a sweet lesson." He initially told them to come by once a week, but after the lesson he told them to come twice a week. After the second lesson, he told them to come three times a week. Elder Meinzer thinks Felix has the gift of understanding because he is able to explain and expound things to others right after they teach him.