Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Assin Foso will not be the same without Elder Ekaette"

The Church in Assin Foso

In district meeting they missionaries watched a movie about the pioneers in Africa. Elder Meinzer loved learning about the history of the church in Ghana. The Lord prepared so many people for the church before the church ever came to West Africa. In the movie, Elder Faust talked about how they were receiving tons of letters from Africa to have the church come over. One letter was from a boy that wanted to sing with the Tabernacle Choir. It turns out that the boy is the Assin Foso patriarch and he is now like 50 years old. President Sabey invited him to Conference in October and pulled some strings to get the patriarch to sing with the choir in a rehearsal. The patriarch said that it was two hours of pure heaven.

Elder Meinzer's new companion is Elder Mbong from Nigeria. He came to Ghana one transfer after Elder Meinzer. Elder Meinzer is sad to see Elder Ekaette finish his mission. "I look up to Elder Ekaette and hope to finish my mission the same way that he did-sprinting to the end. Assin Foso will not be the same."