Monday, October 3, 2011

"Only like 23 more times to do this before I come home"

After it took Elder Meinzer over 10 minutes to log onto his e-mail, his reaction was, "Ahh...Only like 23 more times to do this before I come home."

Ghana is definitely in full swing for the rainy season. It has been raining every single day, which makes the work pretty slow. When it rains, it doesn't rain for just a little bit, it's torrential downpours that cause floods. Plus, if it is raining and they are in a lesson, they have to stop because the rain on the tin roofs is so deafening; they can't hear each other talk.

On Saturday they finally were able to eat dog. The missionaries in their district have tried three times in the past but have failed each time. So, Elder Meinzer has eaten dog, cat, rat, octopus, snail and a bunch of other things. He has definitely embraced being a missionary in Ghana.

They received transfer calls on Saturday and 6 of the 14 elders in their zone are getting transferred, including three that are going home since they finished their missions. "It's kind of hard sending them off because it makes me a little homesick."

Their investigators were confirmed members of the church yesterday and Elder Meinzer has already been able to see the blessings and changes that have come into their lives.