Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everything Worked Out

Wednesday Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette spent the day sending their missionaries to new areas and receiving six new elders. They all came at once from different places so it required a lot of coordinating to get them to their various destinations. But, everything worked out and nobody got sent to the wrong place.

Currently, Elder Meinzer and his companion only have a few investigators. But, they are having success with their recent converts. In Ghana, members need to bring their own hymn books. Their recent converts were coming to church and just sitting there while the hymns were being sung so Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette bought all of them hymn books. They were all quite excited. When they now meet with them they want to sing hymns. “Beautiful Zion, Built Above” is the favorite of all of Elder Meinzer’s converts.

They brought the family history consultant to investigators class on Sunday so that the converts could know who to give their pedigree charts to once they have filled in the information. They have also given them pictures of the temple to put up on their walls so they have a daily reminder that they want to go to the temple. They have been having FHE with the converts to show them how to do it. Also, they have signed them up for yearly subscriptions to the Liahona. “I’m trying to do all that I can to integrate these converts into the church so that they will not fall less-active.”