Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3/4 Done

Love, love, love this!

The Lord has definitely blessed Elder Meinzer and his companion as they have gone out and proselyted. They even had eight lessons one day. He has been teaching a ton of lessons and it has been making him tired, even to the point that he didn’t wasn’t to got out and teach. So he did a lot of studying in the mornings to try and motivate himself, as well as some praying, and by the time the end of the week came he was enjoying the work more and was happy.
Elder Meinzer has decided that his strength is his weakness. He is too focused on being exactly obedient so he gets stressed out and bugged when things aren’t working. He is working on it.
He enjoys teaching Cecilia and feels like the lessons are directed by the spirit. She is really receptive. Sarah and Kofi are progressing well and are happy people. They fed them fufu yesterday but Elder Meinzer felt bad because they spent like 5 or 6 cedis on them (she makes like 8 cedis a day).