Thursday, September 29, 2011

50 New Missionaries Coming

A while ago President Shulz came to Assin Foso and met with the stake presidency, bishoprics, stake high counselors and ward mission leaders. He talked about the importance of coordinating the work between the missionaries and the ward and stake leaders, especially since they are the ones who hold the keys to missionary work in their respective wards and stakes. “President Shulz is trying to get it to how things are done in Utah in regards to coordination, but this is Ghana so we will see how that goes.” An interesting thing was the fact that all the leaders in the meeting were converts to the Church. They have all been affected by missionary work in the past.

Elder Meinzer went on splits with two of the Twifo Praso elders a few weeks ago. Elder Meinzer ended up walking for like an hour and 15 minutes to get to one of their groups that was way out in the bush. “The group is sweet though and has endowed members and like 55 people.” The group leader has been a member for 25 years.

President Shulz came and interviewed Elder Meinzer. He asked Elder Meinzer how he likes being a leader and Elder Meinzer told him he doesn’t. J Elder Meinzer told him that it is good experience if he ever becomes a leader in the church in the future, to which he responded that it’s not IF but WHEN. “Crap!” Presdient Shulz told him he needs him as a leader in the future since they will be having about 50 missionaries coming in the next two transfers.

They had the most spiritual baptism of his mission last week. The Asare family, Cecilia and Robert were baptized. The first counselor in the bishopric did something that Elder Meinzer really likes. He had Cecilia and Sarah stand up, then had the Relief Society president stand up, telling her that these two sisters are now her responsibility and that they need to have visiting teachers by next week and she needs to know their homes. He then did the same thing with Doreen and Robert for the primary and Kofi for the Elders quorum.

They are teaching two sisters, Beatrice and Amelia. The lesson was on the Restoration and before the lesson they asked them which church on the earth was the true church of Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson, Beatrice told them, “I’m convinced.” It was a powerful lesson and the Spirit was definitely present.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3/4 Done

Love, love, love this!

The Lord has definitely blessed Elder Meinzer and his companion as they have gone out and proselyted. They even had eight lessons one day. He has been teaching a ton of lessons and it has been making him tired, even to the point that he didn’t wasn’t to got out and teach. So he did a lot of studying in the mornings to try and motivate himself, as well as some praying, and by the time the end of the week came he was enjoying the work more and was happy.
Elder Meinzer has decided that his strength is his weakness. He is too focused on being exactly obedient so he gets stressed out and bugged when things aren’t working. He is working on it.
He enjoys teaching Cecilia and feels like the lessons are directed by the spirit. She is really receptive. Sarah and Kofi are progressing well and are happy people. They fed them fufu yesterday but Elder Meinzer felt bad because they spent like 5 or 6 cedis on them (she makes like 8 cedis a day).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

People actually listen to and think about what I teach them."

Zone Conference was this week and Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette gave instruction on working with ward leaders. President Shultz gave them a couple of compliments about their instruction. Elder Meinzer has a desire to be a powerful and effective teacher. He wants to instruct well so that people will try to apply what they learned. "If they don't think about what I said after they leave the room, then I didn't do my part."

These past couple of weeks, Elder Meinzer has seen how the Lord truly blesses them as they spend more time to plan in the evenings and talk about investigators in companionship study. They taught a lot of lessons this past week and they were all good lessons. Their days are more filled and they meet with more people. "It's sweet to be able to tangibly see the blessings that come from obedience."

Cecilia accepted a baptismal date for the 25th. Sarah and Kofi also accepted a baptismal date for the 25th.

A couple of weeks ago they went to the family home evening of one of their members and Elder Meinzer gave a little scriptural thought on prayer and related the experience he had a while ago about doing family history work at the stake center in Takoradi when the internet stopped working and then they prayed and it started working again. Recently they were teaching somebody that lives in the same compound as the family and they had one of the sons present in their lesson. They asked him to share an experience he has had with prayer and he related the story from FHE. Elder Meinzer thought that was cool. "People actually listen to and think about what I teach them."