Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elder Meinzer Weeds Like a Ghanaian

The Lord has blessed Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette with progressing investigators, including Sarah and her husband. They had one of the most spiritual lessons of Elder Meinzer’s mission the other day regarding the Restoration. They come to church and basically consider themselves members and want to be baptized. Elder Meinzer knows the Gospel will bless their lives.

Dominic and Genevieve got baptized. The church got Amos glasses so now he can read his Twi Book of Mormon.

They had an All-Africa service project put on by the church and their ward weeded the side of the road and filled in potholes. Members who haven’t seen Elder Meinzer weed are surprised to see him weed so well. “I’m almost like a Ghanaian, or so they tell me.”

The other day one of the returned missionaries in their ward pulled them aside, pointed to a lady some distance away, then exclaimed, “We need you to baptize women like that! That’s the kind of woman that we want to marry. Convert the fine ones.” Elder Meinzer got a kick out of that.
Transfer calls came and Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette are staying in Assin Foso. Elder Meinzer was very happy.