Monday, August 29, 2011

A Lot of Converts

Elder Meinzer LOVES Ghana

The mission president wants to have a baptismal goal for the mission. They are asking each ward for a monthly goal, then total that up for the year. The ward will commit to that goal, then they will add up the wards goals to get a stake goal, which they will commit to. They will then add up all of the stakes to get their mission goal.

Dominic and Genevieve were confirmed yesterday. Dominic bears his testimony at the end of their lessons. Dominic asked some questions during a lesson that Elder Meinzer has asked at times but didn't know the answer to. As he prayed in his heart, "it was like I had knowledge poured into my mind and I was able to clearly understand the answer to the question and knew how to explain it to him. That was a cool moment of enlightenment."

Sarah and her husband have been progressing rapidly over the past week and want to be baptized. They will be baptized on September 25. Amos will also be baptized that day. The stake president is getting him a white shirt and tie to wear to church and the bishop is getting him shoes. Cecilia told them her prayer was answered about Joseph Smith and that she accepts baptism. She will also be baptized on the 25. After that baptism, they will not have many investigators, just a lot of converts.

Elder Gibson informed Elder Meinzer that some of the investigators that they taught in Abuakwa have been baptized, like Michael, Charles, Frimpong and Patience. "Sweet!"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elder Meinzer Weeds Like a Ghanaian

The Lord has blessed Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette with progressing investigators, including Sarah and her husband. They had one of the most spiritual lessons of Elder Meinzer’s mission the other day regarding the Restoration. They come to church and basically consider themselves members and want to be baptized. Elder Meinzer knows the Gospel will bless their lives.

Dominic and Genevieve got baptized. The church got Amos glasses so now he can read his Twi Book of Mormon.

They had an All-Africa service project put on by the church and their ward weeded the side of the road and filled in potholes. Members who haven’t seen Elder Meinzer weed are surprised to see him weed so well. “I’m almost like a Ghanaian, or so they tell me.”

The other day one of the returned missionaries in their ward pulled them aside, pointed to a lady some distance away, then exclaimed, “We need you to baptize women like that! That’s the kind of woman that we want to marry. Convert the fine ones.” Elder Meinzer got a kick out of that.
Transfer calls came and Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette are staying in Assin Foso. Elder Meinzer was very happy.

Loving Assin Foso

Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette went on splits with the Praso Elders and Elder Meinzer interviewed their candidates. Elder Meinzer really tried to take his time on the interviews and not rush it, having a prayer in his heart the entire time asking God if they were ready for baptism. They were. It was a really good experience.

Elder Meinzer has started waking up earlier to run around their compound to combat his weight gain.
Things are going well in his area and he loves his ward. He would really like to finish his mission there but he doesn’t think he will be there much longer.

They have been teaching a man named Dominic. They have discovered that with the Twi speaking lessons the translators don’t always convey the concerns of the investigators or their answers correctly. They have had to work through those issues with Dominic. But, he was interviewed for baptism and is ready. Genevieve is also ready for baptism. They have started to teach a girl named Mavis, who played soccer in school. Elder Meinzer thinks she looks like a total soccer player.

Grateful for the Plan of Salvation

The grass in the compound around their apartment was really long so Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette weeded using their cutlasses for three hours-a great cardio workout. Elder Agame pounds fufu (with their help) every morning plus they have been eating a bunch of meals from members so Elder Meinzer is putting on weight.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette went and served some members and helped them make palm oil. “It’s a messy process.”

Elder Meinzer recently heard that a teenage daughter of some members in Nketsiakrom got hit by a car and died a few weeks ago. The news made Elder Meinzer really sad but also grateful to know of the Plan of Salvation. The family was sealed in the temple.

Their teaching pool is decreasing so they aren’t as busy as they have been in the past. They are dropping people that aren’t progressing. Amos is coming to church each week and still remembers what they are teaching him. He is very humble and Elder Meinzer really likes him.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weeks Are Flying By

Elder Meinzer has been pretty tired these last few weeks when they return from proselyting. So tired that he doesn't even want to take off his clothes. He just wants to go to sleep. But that is good because it means they have a lot of work to do in their area.

Genevieve committed to baptism on the 21st. They met with Juliana to commit her to baptism but she declined. She said that she will be baptized but not now. They are also teaching her daughter, who has come to church the last month.

They have been going to PEC and Ward Council and the leaders respect them and value their opinion, implementing the things that they request (introduce investigators to the class, etc).

Elder Meinzer loves the members in this area and would really like to stay in this area for the rest of his mission.