Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Humorous Little Situation

About a week and a half ago, they had transfers and Elder Meinzer and his companion had to put elders onto tro-tros to send them to their new areas and also receive new elders. Everything was working out smoothly until the last elder arrived. Elder Meinzer took one elder to put him on a tro-tro to Takoradi while Elder Ekaette took another elder to put him on a tro-tro to Twifo Praso. When Elder Meinzer met up with his companion, they discovered that he had accidentally sent the elder to Assin Praso, a little town in a completely different direction 30 minutes away. So, they had to chase after that elder in another tro-tro, take him back to Assin Foso, then send him to Twifo Praso. Elder Meinzer thought it was a very humorous little situation.

Last week they had a zone leader council. Elder Meinzer feels like President Shulz is concerned about getting to know them individually. President Shulz stressed obedience and gave them a list of 10 different points that he wants the mission to work on. Elder Meinzer thinks that he is a pretty obedient missionary but saw that he can improve.

Richard's dream came true and Elder Meinzer baptized him. Richard was thrilled when Elder Meinzer gave him a picture of the Ghana temple when they were having a lesson on temples. He really wants them to teach his wife so they can be sealed in the temple.

The other day they went to a farm and had to take off their shoes to cross the mud and little rivers that came to the trails because of the amount of rain they have been getting. "It made it fun."