Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots of Opportunities for Service

"Our apartment is pretty ghetto." So, they have tons of holes in the screens and have a lot of mosquitoes in the apartment. Elder Meinzer kills several a day and has quite a few mosquito bites. We hope he doesn't get malaria again!

There are a lot more opportunities for service in Assin Foso than there were in Kumasi. Elder Meinzer loves going to the farm or just having his cutlass in his hand while he weeds. "I still like to think that I'm pretty good at weeding." Elder Meinzer gets annoyed when people think they can't weed or pound fufu because they are white.

As Elder Meinzer has been on his mission he has realized how important the gospel is. Before he went on his mission, the church was just another part of his life in addition to swim team or triathlons, school, work, or hanging out with friends. Now he has come to see that the church should take first priority in his life because that is what will provide him the blessings and help him to become a better person.

"The Lord has blessed us with so many progressing investigators after only a matter of weeks. It just shows what a little bit of hard work will bring."