Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I've still got it"

The ward that Elder Meinzer is in is “sweet”! The members do a great job involving themselves in missionary work and are pretty solid. They live in a relatively close geographical boundary; the boundaries for their ward are the smallest in the stake and they are planning on dividing the ward soon. “The ward mission leader is a stud.” He is about 22 and the only member of his family. He has been a member for about three years. He organized an activity with the ward missionaries on Saturday where they went around and contacted people, then he and a returned missionary went and taught them on Sunday. If the people progress, they will hand them over to the missionaries. The ward is great at giving them referrals. They brought five people to church on Sunday and Elder Meinzer usually has a member present for most of his lessons.

One of their investigators is a 20 year old, named Benjamin. He actually lives with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. They finished lesson one last week and taught him again recently. During the lesson he told them he prayed about the restoration and later that night he had a dream. He dreamed that he was a member of the church and later saw himself serving a mission. So that was Benjamin’s answer to his prayer. They are also teaching a 31 year old, named Richard. He is a really happy guy and is accepting everything they are teaching him.

They went to the farm on Saturday and Elder Meinzer really enjoyed being back out in the bush. Just seeing the tall trees and the green vegetation that is everywhere is really exciting to Elder Meinzer. Even though he hadn’t weeded in like three months, he didn’t get blisters. “I’ve still got it.”

Elder Meinzer does all of his wash on Mondays now. He finished it all in under an hour. “Definitely a lot better that when I first came out here and took 45 minutes to wash a days worth of clothes.”