Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Zone Conference with President Sabey

Elder Meinzer with President & Sister Sabey

This week they had their final zone conference with President and Sister Sabey. One thing President Sabey mentioned that Elder Meinzer liked was that he has studied the transitioning of leadership in large organizations and that it is a complex procedure. In regards to transitioning one mission president to the next, they spend two hours talking about the mission (they can’t talk about the missionaries) then the former mission president leaves. The new president doesn’t need the old president to tell him what to do; the Lord does that. Elder Meinzer admires and loves President Sabey. “He works extremely hard and is a very patient and inspired man”. Elder Meinzer wore a black tie to the conference in mourning for his departure but he doesn’t think anybody made the connection.

After they gave Benjamin his baptismal date, his pastor was angry and went and told his mother a bunch of lies about the church so she told Benjamin not to come. So, he hasn’t come back. Benjamin lives with a member and the member told them that they need to do all they can to help Benjamin to understand the truth then allow him to make his own decision.

Job and Georgia are progressing well and are accepting everything they are teaching them and are praying about it. Elder Meinzer can always tell when people are embracing the gospel because they will want them to come by and teach them everyday.

This past week they went on splits with some of the missionaries in a small town called Twifo Praso. It was about 40 kilometers away. They drove in a tro-tro for over an hour on a crappy, bumpy road. They had to wear t-shirts over their white shirts so they didn’t get dirty.

Elder Meinzer hides army guys in each of his apartments and recently he received pictures from Elder Gibson pointing to some of the army guys he found in his last apartment. Elder Meinzer got a kick out of that.