Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eventful Week

Louis with Elder Meinzer & Elder Gibson
Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson had an eventful week. Elder Gibson has been experiencing some stomach pains so the doctor in the Africa West Area wanted to see him. And the doctor was in Accra. So, they traveled from Kumasi to Cape Coast and spent the night there at the assistants' apartment. Elder Meinzer slept in the air-conditioning for the first time in over a year and was pretty darn cold. And he had a heated shower. "It's amazing how much I appreciate the simple things out here. I just sat in the shower for awhile and enjoyed myself." Since they were with the assistants, they went around with them. They ended up having an appointment to teach Belinda in Abakrampa, so while they taught, Elder Meinzer went around a visited with some people. Belinda was baptized on Saturday, as was Dora and her family and Reginald, all people Elder Meinzer taught. "It always makes me happy to hear." While Elder Gibson went with the President to Accra, Elder Meinzer went on splits with Elder Lawton in Elmina, which is a beach town. He is an Australian elder who is hilarious. Then they drove back to their apartment. "All in all, it was a fun little adventure."

Louis got baptized, as did ten other people for the missionaries in their district. "We are getting to the point now where our investigators are either being dropped or progressing to baptism, so that means that we are looking for a lot of new investigators."