Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Zone Conference with President Sabey

Elder Meinzer with President & Sister Sabey

This week they had their final zone conference with President and Sister Sabey. One thing President Sabey mentioned that Elder Meinzer liked was that he has studied the transitioning of leadership in large organizations and that it is a complex procedure. In regards to transitioning one mission president to the next, they spend two hours talking about the mission (they can’t talk about the missionaries) then the former mission president leaves. The new president doesn’t need the old president to tell him what to do; the Lord does that. Elder Meinzer admires and loves President Sabey. “He works extremely hard and is a very patient and inspired man”. Elder Meinzer wore a black tie to the conference in mourning for his departure but he doesn’t think anybody made the connection.

After they gave Benjamin his baptismal date, his pastor was angry and went and told his mother a bunch of lies about the church so she told Benjamin not to come. So, he hasn’t come back. Benjamin lives with a member and the member told them that they need to do all they can to help Benjamin to understand the truth then allow him to make his own decision.

Job and Georgia are progressing well and are accepting everything they are teaching them and are praying about it. Elder Meinzer can always tell when people are embracing the gospel because they will want them to come by and teach them everyday.

This past week they went on splits with some of the missionaries in a small town called Twifo Praso. It was about 40 kilometers away. They drove in a tro-tro for over an hour on a crappy, bumpy road. They had to wear t-shirts over their white shirts so they didn’t get dirty.

Elder Meinzer hides army guys in each of his apartments and recently he received pictures from Elder Gibson pointing to some of the army guys he found in his last apartment. Elder Meinzer got a kick out of that.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots of Opportunities for Service

"Our apartment is pretty ghetto." So, they have tons of holes in the screens and have a lot of mosquitoes in the apartment. Elder Meinzer kills several a day and has quite a few mosquito bites. We hope he doesn't get malaria again!

There are a lot more opportunities for service in Assin Foso than there were in Kumasi. Elder Meinzer loves going to the farm or just having his cutlass in his hand while he weeds. "I still like to think that I'm pretty good at weeding." Elder Meinzer gets annoyed when people think they can't weed or pound fufu because they are white.

As Elder Meinzer has been on his mission he has realized how important the gospel is. Before he went on his mission, the church was just another part of his life in addition to swim team or triathlons, school, work, or hanging out with friends. Now he has come to see that the church should take first priority in his life because that is what will provide him the blessings and help him to become a better person.

"The Lord has blessed us with so many progressing investigators after only a matter of weeks. It just shows what a little bit of hard work will bring."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I've still got it"

The ward that Elder Meinzer is in is “sweet”! The members do a great job involving themselves in missionary work and are pretty solid. They live in a relatively close geographical boundary; the boundaries for their ward are the smallest in the stake and they are planning on dividing the ward soon. “The ward mission leader is a stud.” He is about 22 and the only member of his family. He has been a member for about three years. He organized an activity with the ward missionaries on Saturday where they went around and contacted people, then he and a returned missionary went and taught them on Sunday. If the people progress, they will hand them over to the missionaries. The ward is great at giving them referrals. They brought five people to church on Sunday and Elder Meinzer usually has a member present for most of his lessons.

One of their investigators is a 20 year old, named Benjamin. He actually lives with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. They finished lesson one last week and taught him again recently. During the lesson he told them he prayed about the restoration and later that night he had a dream. He dreamed that he was a member of the church and later saw himself serving a mission. So that was Benjamin’s answer to his prayer. They are also teaching a 31 year old, named Richard. He is a really happy guy and is accepting everything they are teaching him.

They went to the farm on Saturday and Elder Meinzer really enjoyed being back out in the bush. Just seeing the tall trees and the green vegetation that is everywhere is really exciting to Elder Meinzer. Even though he hadn’t weeded in like three months, he didn’t get blisters. “I’ve still got it.”

Elder Meinzer does all of his wash on Mondays now. He finished it all in under an hour. “Definitely a lot better that when I first came out here and took 45 minutes to wash a days worth of clothes.”

Monday, June 6, 2011

Assin Foso

Elder Meinzer is now serving in Assin Foso as Zone Leader. He was bummed to be leaving Elder Gibson. He was also sad to leave Louis Asare and his family. Four of the eight missionaries in his recent area are training. "It looks like the area was kind of like a launchpad for future leadership".

They traveled down to Cape Coast Friday for Zone Leader Council by tro-tro (it took 2 hours). Elder Meinzer was able to learn a lot about leading in the church. "President Sabey is a great guy and is really inspired." One perk was going to the Cape Coast Castle restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal of rice, chicken and stew.

Elder Meinzer has a noticed a pattern of his mission after his first area. He has been paired with a companion who is also new. So, they have a slow first couple of days trying to build up their teaching pool, getting to know members and getting acquainted with the area. Fortunately, they have a great ward mission leader named Brother Boakye who has been able to help them a lot. Assin Foso has great people and it is one of the coolest wards. Elder Meinzer has never seen so many families, returned missionaries or endowed members in the church on his mission. The people are great with member referrals.

Elder Meinzer's companion is Elder Ekaette, from Nigeria. He is always happy and is obedient.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eventful Week

Louis with Elder Meinzer & Elder Gibson
Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson had an eventful week. Elder Gibson has been experiencing some stomach pains so the doctor in the Africa West Area wanted to see him. And the doctor was in Accra. So, they traveled from Kumasi to Cape Coast and spent the night there at the assistants' apartment. Elder Meinzer slept in the air-conditioning for the first time in over a year and was pretty darn cold. And he had a heated shower. "It's amazing how much I appreciate the simple things out here. I just sat in the shower for awhile and enjoyed myself." Since they were with the assistants, they went around with them. They ended up having an appointment to teach Belinda in Abakrampa, so while they taught, Elder Meinzer went around a visited with some people. Belinda was baptized on Saturday, as was Dora and her family and Reginald, all people Elder Meinzer taught. "It always makes me happy to hear." While Elder Gibson went with the President to Accra, Elder Meinzer went on splits with Elder Lawton in Elmina, which is a beach town. He is an Australian elder who is hilarious. Then they drove back to their apartment. "All in all, it was a fun little adventure."

Louis got baptized, as did ten other people for the missionaries in their district. "We are getting to the point now where our investigators are either being dropped or progressing to baptism, so that means that we are looking for a lot of new investigators."