Friday, May 20, 2011

"Pieces All Coming Together"

Elder Meinzer has been out fourteen months now. "Before my mission I knew a fair amount about the gospel and stuff. But since I've been on my mission all of the different pieces are all coming together, so it's basically like I'm learning everything again. Everything is just falling into place and makes so much more sense to me and has definitely been strengthening my testimony."

Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson have been teaching a guy named Berneck. He makes flip-flops, or slippers, as he calls them. Basically they are like fashionable flip-flops. They teach him while he is at his shop so they have been able to see how things look from beginning to end. Berneck never got more than a junior high education but is actually really smart. He is one of the few people Elder Meinzer has met that is confused by all the different churches and has asked, "Which church is true?" Most people just accept all of the churches and say they are all right.

Lewis is on track for baptism. His mother loves to feed them when they come to teach. They were able to get the majority of the family together, like parents, Cynthia and Phillip, and six of the kids. It was one of the longest (like 3 hours because of the translating and the amount of discussion) and best lessons of Elder Meinzer's life. As they talked, things began to click in their minds, like the importance of the priesthood. The family began to understand the magnitude of what they were saying. "The atmosphere was just sweet and we had a fun time but were able to help them learn a lot as well." The family said that they would pray as a family to know if what they were saying was true. "Regardless of all the disappointments I may face on my mission, experiences like this make it all worth it!"