Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Elder Smith & Elder Meinzer

The Lord definitely blessed Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith. Frank is solid. When they finished up a lesson with him, he told them that the lessons were too short and asked them to come back for three hours two day later. He has a deep love for the Book of Mormon and carries it around with him everywhere, reading it at the farm and even going so far as sleeping with it underneath his pillow. Reginald is also solid. He completely accepts everything and when they were talking about the Book of Mormon they pulled out a copy and he immediately said, "how much?" Luckily he doesn't have to pay.

It was in the midst of all this prosperity that Elder Meinzer got transferred to Kumasi as part of a large emergency transfer involving 16 missionaries. There was a disctrict that was being quite disobedient breaking rules so the Mission President decided to just clean out the district and put in new missionaries. His new companion is Elder Gibson from Cedar City, Utah. As a result of the transfers, Elder Darrow is now with Elder Smith. They passed each other on the way.

He is definitely not in Abakrampa anymore. He went from serving in bushy areas his whole mission to the second largest city in Ghana. He was uncomfortable when he first came to a large city with tons of houses and lights. "Where are my trees? Where are my mud huts?" And the language is different. It is Twi instead of Fante. The people are also different. They are wealthy, educated and live in large homes, have TVs and computers and cars and lights. The branch president got put in last week and seems like a driven man. Elder Meinzer attended PEC on Saturday and was in awe at how similar it was to something back home. "These guys are doing it by the book."