Friday, April 22, 2011

Great News from Abakrampa

The Saunders let Elder Meinzer know about some baptisms in Abakrampa. Gladys and Francis were baptized, as was Frank and Sarah. As far as their current investigators in Abuakwa, there is a guy named Lewis who is progressing well. They contacted him about two weeks ago and learned that he was meeting with the missionaries. As they teach him, he always seems happy.

As Elder Meinzer has been thinking about his mission, he has seen that some of the most growth came as he was in Abakrampa for those three and half months. His testimony increased, his relationship with his Father in Heaven grew, he had more meaningful prayers, his ability to teach more effectively increased and he became more comfortable playing the piano in front of people. He thinks that part of this may be because it was some of the most challenging time he has had on his mission.

He really enjoys Elder Gibson. "He is a good guy."

Elder Meinzer really dislikes lessons that involve a translator. He doesn't know how he as able to make it through lesson like that all day every day in Abakrampa. "The Lord must have blessed me with some extra patience."