Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Stuff in Kumasi

Last Tuesday Elder Meinzer and his companion went with some other elders and got some delicious brick oven pizza for only 12 cedis. "There's just so much good stuff up here."

Elder Gibson and Elder Meinzer were able to go and do a service project for one of the members, Francis. They cut his grass with a mower. "Seriously! It got done so quickly and it hardly required any effort!" Definitely a change from using his cutlass.

Elder Meinzer has decided that his new companion is a nice contrast to his serious nature. He is a funny guy and they get a long well. "I'm pretty sure that I'm enjoying my mission the most that I have since I've come to Ghana."

Lewis is progressing well. They went to meet him last week, and as they waited for him near his little computer repair shop while he went to get his Book of Mormon, they received a call from him telling them to meet him somewhere else. Confused, they began getting up to move but were confronted by a woman speaking Twi. It was his mother. Lewis's sister was with her and explained that she didn't want them teaching her son because of the things she had heard (a bunch of untrue things). In the midst of this, they received another call from him saying, "Don't mind them. Don't mind them." He came to church this week.

They are beginning to get more and more progressing investigators.