Friday, April 22, 2011


The area Elder Meinzer is in is like a suburb of Kumasi. People are wealthy and live in large compounds, have cars and travel the world. A lot of people live part time in other countries. Definitely different from Abakrampa where most people had never been outside the region. Elder Meinzer is gradually getting more accustomed to the city pace of life and no longer feels uncomfortable with all the cars and noise. The branch is pretty solid. It has been around for two years and began with about 40 members. In the last two years they have had approximately 120 members join, mostly from members moving into the area. Since most of the people have been members for like 14-20 years, there is a greater understanding of the gospel. The best way Elder Meinzer describes it is the Abuakwa branch is like a ward back home that is trying to deal with tons of recent converts. He loves how the members are so willing to come out and proselyte with them or show them around or help translate. A lot of good people!

One of their investigators is a 13 year old boy named Philip. He comes to church every week and has been a great influence on his family. He has taken some pamphlets to school so that he can teach his classmates. In their last lesson he asked a ton of questions because he wanted to know the answers to some of the questions his friends may ask him.

The former companionship didn't leave them a lot of investigators so they are starting from square one.

They made an awesome discovery. They found a place that sells ice cream-like a vanilla ice cream popsicle with hardened chocolate on the outside. "Simple things make me happy."