Monday, March 28, 2011

A Very Unique Place

Baptism Candidates

Elder Meinzer always thanks his Heavenly Father for the opportunity that he has to be serving in a place such as Ghana. On his entire mission he has only had two people ever tell him that they didn't want to hear the message they have as missionaries. And he has been out over a year! "It's a very unique place."

Lately he has been taking a new approach to his study time to try and become a better missionary. Previously, the main focus of his study time would be studying the Book of Mormon and then he would study Preach My Gospel. But, a month or so ago, Elder Smith got sick (Elder Meinzer has only had two sick days for the entire time he has been out. He has definitely been blessed with good health) so Elder Meinzer spent like three hours studying the sabbath day so that he could come to a better understanding of it. Once he finished he felt much more confident in going out and teaching about this commandment. So, now he devotes all of his time to thoroughly studying the lessons. He feels that if he does this then he will have a broader understanding of what he is teaching and the Spirit will be able to guide and direct him to cater the lessons to the individual he is teaching.

Frank has progressed quite rapidly and has a good knowledge of the gospel. They have also been teaching Reginald. Both men can read and Elder Meinzer sees that a whole array of options are available to them. They can grow in knowledge and understanding on their own and don't need to rely on the missionaries to help them grow. This past week they were introduced to the mother of Francis, who is named Margaret. She learned of the restoration and came to church. She seemed to be very happy to be at church and had a large smile on her face the entire time. They also met Cobbinah and Dora. (every time Elder Meinzer hears her name he hears Bryan Regan in his head, "Doraaaa the Exploraaaa") They have three sons. They taught them for the first time on Saturday night and they came to church on Sunday. They also came to the fireside on Friday and then to clean the chapel on Saturday. Elder Meinzer is pretty confident they will be baptized in the near future.

Elder Meinzer learned that Stephen, one of his converts from Nketsiakrom, is preparing his mission papers. "I don't know why I have such a blessing to be in a place such as this, but I am grateful!"