Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Every Sunday as they walk around they see people failing to keep the Sabbath day holy. This makes Elder Meinzer sad. Recently they had a sister not come to church because she was making palm oil. When they went to visit her, she admitted that she knew that what she was doing was wrong and that she would stop. They talked to her about the blessings that come from keeping the Lord's commandments. She agreed and took down her shop. Just seeing the humility of this sister in keeping the commandment made him happy.

The village of Asumasi is turning out to be very fruitful for them. Ransford will be baptized this Saturday. They continue to have several investigators. Elder Meinzer is continually given examples that God knows His children and will prepare them to accept the gospel.

Recently a chief died in Abakrampa. Back in the day, when a chief would die, people would go and kill people to put their heads around the c0ffin of the chief. One of their investigators has been extremely concerned about them, telling them not to go out. They are taking her warnings seriously and are paying attention to the promptings of the Spirit, but are still going to proselyte.