Monday, March 21, 2011

Here's To The Next Year

Elder Meinzer thinks it's kind of crazy to think that he is over a year on his mission. He always envisioned it as being something monumental, but in reality it was just another day. He took a little evaluation of himself and came to the conclusion that he is doing a pretty good job as a missionary with rules and things (He has always been a rules guy) but he needs to continue to try and improve his teaching abilities, which will happen as he studies hard to come to a better understanding of the doctrine.

They went as a district to John's family farm to do some weeding. Elder Meinzer loves weeding. They also sent and did some cleaning and weeding at the local hospital/clinic. At first he had a broom sweeping the inside but later went outside to help. The branch president gave him a cutlass and the hospital workers were laughing at him but then the branch members defended Elder Meinzer saying he really can weed. "I like to think that I'm pretty good. I'm almost a Ghanaian."

Elder Meinzer found out that Mary reads from the Book of Mormon even though she doesn't understand it since she doesn't speak English. Francis and Gladys committed to baptism on April 16. Frank has also committed for the same date.