Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elder Meinzer's Year Mark

We cannot believe the one year mark is here this week.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith had their bicycles stolen this week. The branch president called all the members in the outlying villages to look for them. One man walked into his friend's home and saw their bicycles. Prayers are definitely answered.

They have been teaching a young family. The parents are Francis and Gladys and they have three children. The family just seems so happy and is embracing everything very well. Elder Meinzer is always filled with such joy when they go there and they seem to drink up all that they are teaching them. The other day they taught them about the Book of Mormon and in investigators class on Sunday somebody had a question on the Book of Mormon, so Elder Smith had Francis and Gladys answer. It made Elder Meinzer so happy seeing them understand things well enough to be able to address questions.

A couple of months ago an older man named Frank told them that he will come to church one day. A lot of people tell them that. But, he came to church this week. He told them that he had not been going to church because of all the confusion that he saw but has decided to join himself with their church because he knows it to be true. Another person prepared by the Lord.