Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Testimony of Prayer

On his mission, Heavenly Father has shown Elder Meinzer the importance of prayer and he is now praying with more meaning. Before, he didn't have much to say and his prayers were somewhat repetitious but now he almost has too much to say and he feels like his prayers are directed by the Holy Ghost. Before his mission he rarely said his morning prayers because he would often forget. Now, he can't even imagine a day without praying in the morning. He has always known that the scriptures say "Ask and ye shall receive" and he has been able to witness that on his mission. He regularly sees the prayers of their investigators answered. Recently he had another example. In Alma 30:11 it talks about how we need to cry to God in our afflictions and we will receive joy. In Alma 33:23 it mentions that our burdens will be made light through the joy of Christ. As he recently prayed for comfort during a difficult time, he had an overwhelming feeling of peace and knew that he was never alone because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. "Prayer is powerful!"

The average yearly income for a Ghanaian is $750. Each year the mission spends over $400,000 on the missionaries subsistence alone. And Ghana is one of the cheapest missions in the world.

The other day Elder Meinzer was walking down the street and saw a lady with a wooden platter on her head with a fish on it. He watched a hawk swoop down and take some of the fish off the top and the woman was still able to balance it on her head.