Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elder Meinzer is 20

Elder Meinzer has been able to see that he has really matured a lot over the last year; like his testimony, knowledge of the gospel, relationships with others, etc. "I like to think that I've been doing a lot of growing up. But I still enjoy army guys."

Elder Meinzer on his canopy tour

Elder Meinzer and his companion went to Kakum "kind of a little birthday present to myself". It was sweet. They went out on a plank bridge that had netting on both sides and a rope to hold on to. The bridge was strung from massive tree to massive tree. He got a little nauseous on the swing bridge but loved looking out and seeing all the vegetation and greenery.

The work is continuing to go along well and he is finding a lot of joy in the success of the recent converts and investigators. He loves that the recent converts go to 5:00 seminary. He is really focusing on not really planning out what he is going to say in advance but is just trusting in the promise that the Lord will fill his mouth with what to say.