Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The highlight of Elder Meinzer's week was participating in the baptism on Saturday for John, Margeret, Solomon, Emmanuel and Mabel, Mary, Emmanuel & Rita, Helenah , Emmanuel and Eric. "It was a great thing to see all of these people enter into the waters of baptism and begin a life after they have taken on the name of the Savior." They all met at the meetinghouse in Abakrampa and were taken by van to the Yamoransa chapel, where they had a baptismal font. They took 28 people in one load and came back for the rest. When Elder Meinzer was in the car he counted 13 adults and 13 children-and it's meant to seat 15. The mission president said it was the best baptism he had ever been to.

As Elder Meinzer has been on his mission his eyes have been opened to see so many things that he had never realized before and has felt so enlightened. "I just have so many epiphanies that it's ridiculous." The past Monday they were helping John Mensah and his family have a family home evening ("which was sweet") and Elder Meinzer realized how much the gospel truly blesses families. In Ghana he can visibly see how much families lives have been blessed as a result of accepting the gospel.