Thursday, January 20, 2011


Elder Meinzer in Abakrampa

The name of Abakrampa came about because there was once a hunter who went to look for a new place to settle and he saw a well underneath a palm tree and on the palm tree was a vulture. "Abe" means palm tree and "krampa" meals vulture.

Elder Meinzer loves going out to the farm. They hike out in the bush on a path about a foot or two wide that is sometimes overgrown with vegetation. Sometimes the paths are covered by palm trees so it's like walking in a tunnel. "It's just so beautiful!"

It is the hamatan in Ghana right now, which means it is dusty and dry. It is also cold at nights. Elder Meinzer hasn't touched his fan in days.

They have an investigator named Regina who will be getting baptized on January 22. She stays with her grandma and her husband works in a nearby town so they haven't met him. They were told he is a member. They recently discovered that he has actually been taught by other missionaries and when they extended the baptismal date to him of January 22, he started crying because he was so happy that he will be getting baptized on the same day as his wife.