Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The highlight of Elder Meinzer's week was participating in the baptism on Saturday for John, Margeret, Solomon, Emmanuel and Mabel, Mary, Emmanuel & Rita, Helenah , Emmanuel and Eric. "It was a great thing to see all of these people enter into the waters of baptism and begin a life after they have taken on the name of the Savior." They all met at the meetinghouse in Abakrampa and were taken by van to the Yamoransa chapel, where they had a baptismal font. They took 28 people in one load and came back for the rest. When Elder Meinzer was in the car he counted 13 adults and 13 children-and it's meant to seat 15. The mission president said it was the best baptism he had ever been to.

As Elder Meinzer has been on his mission his eyes have been opened to see so many things that he had never realized before and has felt so enlightened. "I just have so many epiphanies that it's ridiculous." The past Monday they were helping John Mensah and his family have a family home evening ("which was sweet") and Elder Meinzer realized how much the gospel truly blesses families. In Ghana he can visibly see how much families lives have been blessed as a result of accepting the gospel.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Elder Meinzer in Abakrampa

The name of Abakrampa came about because there was once a hunter who went to look for a new place to settle and he saw a well underneath a palm tree and on the palm tree was a vulture. "Abe" means palm tree and "krampa" meals vulture.

Elder Meinzer loves going out to the farm. They hike out in the bush on a path about a foot or two wide that is sometimes overgrown with vegetation. Sometimes the paths are covered by palm trees so it's like walking in a tunnel. "It's just so beautiful!"

It is the hamatan in Ghana right now, which means it is dusty and dry. It is also cold at nights. Elder Meinzer hasn't touched his fan in days.

They have an investigator named Regina who will be getting baptized on January 22. She stays with her grandma and her husband works in a nearby town so they haven't met him. They were told he is a member. They recently discovered that he has actually been taught by other missionaries and when they extended the baptismal date to him of January 22, he started crying because he was so happy that he will be getting baptized on the same day as his wife.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Elder Meinzer and his companion had 15 investigators to church and 15 have a baptismal date. The Lord has truly prepared these people and definitely blessed them.

Elder Meinzer started teaching a man in Fante and his eyes got all wide and he was totally surprised. The language is coming along but it is slow. He had his companion translate portions for him that he memorized so he can teach the first three lessons basically in Fante.

Elder Meinzer has grown close to one of the member families there, the Aidoos. He told the dad about the peace sign and said peace in Fante (asomdwee) and he thought it was absolutely hilarious so whenever he or his kids see Elder Meinzer they flash the peace sign and say asmodwee.

Elder Meinzer loves his area and the people are great. They are able to see the investigators about every day because they are home a lot of the time. He and his companion have an endless supply of oranges and plantains from the people. Elder Meinzer loves hiking out in the thick vegetation. Their area is like a small town but hardly anybody has running water. There are a couple of wells in the area that people will go to every morning to get water and carry it home on the top of their heads.

Elder Meinzer loves how he is able to make the kids so happy simply by smiling at them. As they walk down the road kids always call out, "obroni!" and when he waves at them it makes them so happy.