Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Christmas was good"

This Christmas was probably the best one that Elder Meinzer has had on his mission. He and his companion went and bought some fried rice and chicken and some Malta that they enjoyed. He also bought soda for his apartment. On Christmas they had a ton of food. They were fed massive amounts of rice in the afternoon, then some fufu a couple of hours later, then some more rice and stew that evening. Elder Meinzer was stuffed. When they got to the last house they had to ask them if they could take it home since there was no more room in their bellies.

Gift of Understanding

Elder Meinzer and his companion went on splits with the Assin Foso north apartment. Elder Meinzer went with Elder Butler (from Orem) and Elder Reid (from Colorado). He really enjoyed it. In the zone of 14, they are the only other Americans. During that time Elder Meinzer realized that he is a lot more capable than he thinks he is. It is when he is with other missionaries that have less experience than him that he sees how far he has come.

They had a three zone Christmas devotional and had some great talks by some of the missionaries. Each of the missionaries received a Kente tie and an oil vial. On the tro tro ride back home Elder Meinzer was really proud of his zone as he watched them having Gospel discussions with the people next to them.

They contacted a man named Felix last week and began teaching him. "It was a sweet lesson." He initially told them to come by once a week, but after the lesson he told them to come twice a week. After the second lesson, he told them to come three times a week. Elder Meinzer thinks Felix has the gift of understanding because he is able to explain and expound things to others right after they teach him.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gospel Conversations

This week the Mission President came to their district meeting and gave some instruction. He began by talking about the plan of salvation for awhile, spoke of the great opportunity they have as missionaries to bring others to the straight and narrow path so that they can return to live with God again, then BAM, tied it all up to obedience (Elder Meinzer's words). Their mission is quite young (like over half of the 150-ish missionaries have come in the last six months) so the President was establishing what is expected of them.

They also had a status update at Zone Leader Council. In September their mission baptized 113, in October baptized 134, and in November it was 178. To date, they have baptized 462 of their goal of 572 for the last four months. Their zone of 14 missionaries has baptized 70 of their 77. Elder Meinzer still doesn't like number goals.

The Mission President also asked them to commit to participate in gospel conversations everyday. As a part of the mission culture the missionaries go from appointment to appointment and not really talk to people along the way. The Mission President wants them to open their mouths more so he is asking them to have five gospel conversations each day. The Zone Leaders have been doing it for the past month and miracles have happened as a result: people have started learning from the missionaries, people have come to church and people have been baptized. On the tro-tro ride back from Zone Leader Council Elder Meinzer tried talking to the guy sitting next to him. He motioned that he was deaf. "Crap, I thought, well I tried." He sat there for a few minutes and realized he could share the Liahona article he was reading with the guy. So he showed him the article entitled An Answer for Every, "What If" and he read it. Once he finished it he took out his phone and typed, "Where is your church in Cape Coast?" They then had a silent conversation for a half hour where Elder Meinzer explained to him the work they do as missionaries and talked about the Restoration of the church and he shared his testimony. He said he would come to church in Cape Coast on Sunday.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Three Fast Sundays Left

Elder Meinzer's week began with being squished into a tro-tro to go on splits with the Elders in Praso. There are four elders and all are under nine months on their missions. He went with Elders Sarpong and Levi. Elder Sarpong has been on his mission six months and he is training Elder Levi, who has been out for like two weeks. He was really impressed with Elder Sarpong, who gave Elder Levi a lot of room to grow by allowing him to make decisions and take the lead in lessons.

The missionaries now get their subsistence through an ATM. Foso recently got an ATM so Elder Meinzer was really looking forward to not needing to make the 3-4 hour round trip to Cape Coast and back to collect money. In typical Ghanaian fashion, the ATM was broken. So, the entire zone had to go to Cape Coast. Their tro-tro broke down. Along the way Elder Meinzer saw a store filled with American goods. "I would describe it as being a type of Celestial Kingdom." He bought pringles, two candy bars and 7 Up.

Elizabeth was baptized. They gave her a Book of Mormon Storybook, which she looks through frequently.

Elder Meinzer woke up at 5:00 this morning so that he could go on a run with Elder Reid, from Colorado. He was a cross-country runner. After running for an hour and half, he had to call it quits. After running for like 30 minutes, he had to stop and walk for 5 minutes. After another 30 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking. Then 30 minutes, then 3 minutes. After the run they found a place that sold chocolate milk, so they bought some for their recovery drink. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The work has been kind of slow. Hardly anybody is home in the mornings to teach and a lot of people don't speak English. Their area is small-they can walk the whole area in 30-45 minutes. Elder Meinzer and his companion are searching for referrals.

Elder Mbong "is a sweet guy." He was with his trainer for 7 months so he is kind of Americanized. He is really happy. He is bold and is not afraid to speak his mind. Elder Meinzer thinks that is kind of refreshing.

Last week they had a FHE with a family that was recently baptized. Sarah presented a lesson on the meaning of the Liahona. She was reading in the Book of Mormon and learned about the Liahona, which helped her realize why they have the Liahona magazine.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Less Than 20 Weeks Left

This will be my forever memory of Elder Meinzer in Ghana
(we have so many pictures like this)

Last week President Shulz called Elder Meinzer and said that he would like to make a "little wager" about the upcoming football game on Friday. Elder Meinzer had no idea what he was talking about. President Shulz went to Fremont and knew Elder Meinzer had gone to Lone Peak and the two schools were playing in the championship. Later he called and said he was glad they didn't make the wager since Lone Peak won!

Elder Mbong, Elder Meinzer's new companion, "is a sweet guy." He is a hard worker and is not afraid to speak his mind. He is the change that was needed in the area.

Elder Meinzer loves that his zone is humble and obedient. The zone is very young. Elder Meinzer has been out the longest out of all of them and most of the 14 Elders haven't been out a year.

Elder Meinzer got his haircut last week, but part way through the power went out. They just sat there for awhile, then the guy cutting his hair said, "Morrow." So he got his hair finished up the next day, but in between he looked kind of crappy.

In regards to people they are teaching-Elizabeth committed to baptism on December 4. Cecilia, a recent convert, was just called to be a secretary in the Young Women Presidency. Things are picking up in their area.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Assin Foso will not be the same without Elder Ekaette"

The Church in Assin Foso

In district meeting they missionaries watched a movie about the pioneers in Africa. Elder Meinzer loved learning about the history of the church in Ghana. The Lord prepared so many people for the church before the church ever came to West Africa. In the movie, Elder Faust talked about how they were receiving tons of letters from Africa to have the church come over. One letter was from a boy that wanted to sing with the Tabernacle Choir. It turns out that the boy is the Assin Foso patriarch and he is now like 50 years old. President Sabey invited him to Conference in October and pulled some strings to get the patriarch to sing with the choir in a rehearsal. The patriarch said that it was two hours of pure heaven.

Elder Meinzer's new companion is Elder Mbong from Nigeria. He came to Ghana one transfer after Elder Meinzer. Elder Meinzer is sad to see Elder Ekaette finish his mission. "I look up to Elder Ekaette and hope to finish my mission the same way that he did-sprinting to the end. Assin Foso will not be the same."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

19 More P-Days

Elder Meinzer counted his remaining p-days to tell us he only has to hand wash his clothes nineteen more times.

Elder Meinzer and his companion went on splits with the Elders in the north apartment. He went with Elders Nwatu and Ihekaire, both are from Nigeria and are under six months on their missions. They both are working hard. It made Elder Meinzer happy to see elders doing their job.

The missionaries got to watch General Conference this week. They had one television playing conference in Twi and one in English. "I watched the one in English." :) He really enjoyed it and took notes, which helped him to learn a lot and to pay attention. He noticed a theme of living in a wicked world while not being of the world and the power and availability of the atonement.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Glimmer of Hope

The Cape Coast stake has had 180 baptisms this year. Their mission has had 892 baptisms.

Things have been a little slow in regards to proselyting so Elder Meinzer and his companion have focused on getting referrals and how to refill their teaching pool. Since then, things have greatly improved. They have started teaching a man named Kofi who has lost his job and recently lost his son. As they spoke about eternal families, he was skeptical. He thought that death was the end. At the end of the lesson, he asked them, “So can I see my son again?” They testified that he could. There was a glimmer of hope in his eyes as they left.

They have also managed to meet with Beatrice and Emilia and taught them about the Book of Mormon and read form 3 Nephi 27, focusing on the importance of baptism. They understand very well. Throughout the lesson, they will have sudden moments where they will say, “Ahh” when something clicks in their minds. Beatrice came to church and was warmly welcomed.

Elder Ekaette has had malaria for the past two weeks.

A couple of weeks ago they were out of water because the water pump that is connected to the well wasn’t working so they had to fetch water from the well. Totally living the Ghanaian life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everything Worked Out

Wednesday Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette spent the day sending their missionaries to new areas and receiving six new elders. They all came at once from different places so it required a lot of coordinating to get them to their various destinations. But, everything worked out and nobody got sent to the wrong place.

Currently, Elder Meinzer and his companion only have a few investigators. But, they are having success with their recent converts. In Ghana, members need to bring their own hymn books. Their recent converts were coming to church and just sitting there while the hymns were being sung so Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette bought all of them hymn books. They were all quite excited. When they now meet with them they want to sing hymns. “Beautiful Zion, Built Above” is the favorite of all of Elder Meinzer’s converts.

They brought the family history consultant to investigators class on Sunday so that the converts could know who to give their pedigree charts to once they have filled in the information. They have also given them pictures of the temple to put up on their walls so they have a daily reminder that they want to go to the temple. They have been having FHE with the converts to show them how to do it. Also, they have signed them up for yearly subscriptions to the Liahona. “I’m trying to do all that I can to integrate these converts into the church so that they will not fall less-active.”

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Only like 23 more times to do this before I come home"

After it took Elder Meinzer over 10 minutes to log onto his e-mail, his reaction was, "Ahh...Only like 23 more times to do this before I come home."

Ghana is definitely in full swing for the rainy season. It has been raining every single day, which makes the work pretty slow. When it rains, it doesn't rain for just a little bit, it's torrential downpours that cause floods. Plus, if it is raining and they are in a lesson, they have to stop because the rain on the tin roofs is so deafening; they can't hear each other talk.

On Saturday they finally were able to eat dog. The missionaries in their district have tried three times in the past but have failed each time. So, Elder Meinzer has eaten dog, cat, rat, octopus, snail and a bunch of other things. He has definitely embraced being a missionary in Ghana.

They received transfer calls on Saturday and 6 of the 14 elders in their zone are getting transferred, including three that are going home since they finished their missions. "It's kind of hard sending them off because it makes me a little homesick."

Their investigators were confirmed members of the church yesterday and Elder Meinzer has already been able to see the blessings and changes that have come into their lives.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

50 New Missionaries Coming

A while ago President Shulz came to Assin Foso and met with the stake presidency, bishoprics, stake high counselors and ward mission leaders. He talked about the importance of coordinating the work between the missionaries and the ward and stake leaders, especially since they are the ones who hold the keys to missionary work in their respective wards and stakes. “President Shulz is trying to get it to how things are done in Utah in regards to coordination, but this is Ghana so we will see how that goes.” An interesting thing was the fact that all the leaders in the meeting were converts to the Church. They have all been affected by missionary work in the past.

Elder Meinzer went on splits with two of the Twifo Praso elders a few weeks ago. Elder Meinzer ended up walking for like an hour and 15 minutes to get to one of their groups that was way out in the bush. “The group is sweet though and has endowed members and like 55 people.” The group leader has been a member for 25 years.

President Shulz came and interviewed Elder Meinzer. He asked Elder Meinzer how he likes being a leader and Elder Meinzer told him he doesn’t. J Elder Meinzer told him that it is good experience if he ever becomes a leader in the church in the future, to which he responded that it’s not IF but WHEN. “Crap!” Presdient Shulz told him he needs him as a leader in the future since they will be having about 50 missionaries coming in the next two transfers.

They had the most spiritual baptism of his mission last week. The Asare family, Cecilia and Robert were baptized. The first counselor in the bishopric did something that Elder Meinzer really likes. He had Cecilia and Sarah stand up, then had the Relief Society president stand up, telling her that these two sisters are now her responsibility and that they need to have visiting teachers by next week and she needs to know their homes. He then did the same thing with Doreen and Robert for the primary and Kofi for the Elders quorum.

They are teaching two sisters, Beatrice and Amelia. The lesson was on the Restoration and before the lesson they asked them which church on the earth was the true church of Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson, Beatrice told them, “I’m convinced.” It was a powerful lesson and the Spirit was definitely present.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3/4 Done

Love, love, love this!

The Lord has definitely blessed Elder Meinzer and his companion as they have gone out and proselyted. They even had eight lessons one day. He has been teaching a ton of lessons and it has been making him tired, even to the point that he didn’t wasn’t to got out and teach. So he did a lot of studying in the mornings to try and motivate himself, as well as some praying, and by the time the end of the week came he was enjoying the work more and was happy.
Elder Meinzer has decided that his strength is his weakness. He is too focused on being exactly obedient so he gets stressed out and bugged when things aren’t working. He is working on it.
He enjoys teaching Cecilia and feels like the lessons are directed by the spirit. She is really receptive. Sarah and Kofi are progressing well and are happy people. They fed them fufu yesterday but Elder Meinzer felt bad because they spent like 5 or 6 cedis on them (she makes like 8 cedis a day).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

People actually listen to and think about what I teach them."

Zone Conference was this week and Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette gave instruction on working with ward leaders. President Shultz gave them a couple of compliments about their instruction. Elder Meinzer has a desire to be a powerful and effective teacher. He wants to instruct well so that people will try to apply what they learned. "If they don't think about what I said after they leave the room, then I didn't do my part."

These past couple of weeks, Elder Meinzer has seen how the Lord truly blesses them as they spend more time to plan in the evenings and talk about investigators in companionship study. They taught a lot of lessons this past week and they were all good lessons. Their days are more filled and they meet with more people. "It's sweet to be able to tangibly see the blessings that come from obedience."

Cecilia accepted a baptismal date for the 25th. Sarah and Kofi also accepted a baptismal date for the 25th.

A couple of weeks ago they went to the family home evening of one of their members and Elder Meinzer gave a little scriptural thought on prayer and related the experience he had a while ago about doing family history work at the stake center in Takoradi when the internet stopped working and then they prayed and it started working again. Recently they were teaching somebody that lives in the same compound as the family and they had one of the sons present in their lesson. They asked him to share an experience he has had with prayer and he related the story from FHE. Elder Meinzer thought that was cool. "People actually listen to and think about what I teach them."

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Lot of Converts

Elder Meinzer LOVES Ghana

The mission president wants to have a baptismal goal for the mission. They are asking each ward for a monthly goal, then total that up for the year. The ward will commit to that goal, then they will add up the wards goals to get a stake goal, which they will commit to. They will then add up all of the stakes to get their mission goal.

Dominic and Genevieve were confirmed yesterday. Dominic bears his testimony at the end of their lessons. Dominic asked some questions during a lesson that Elder Meinzer has asked at times but didn't know the answer to. As he prayed in his heart, "it was like I had knowledge poured into my mind and I was able to clearly understand the answer to the question and knew how to explain it to him. That was a cool moment of enlightenment."

Sarah and her husband have been progressing rapidly over the past week and want to be baptized. They will be baptized on September 25. Amos will also be baptized that day. The stake president is getting him a white shirt and tie to wear to church and the bishop is getting him shoes. Cecilia told them her prayer was answered about Joseph Smith and that she accepts baptism. She will also be baptized on the 25. After that baptism, they will not have many investigators, just a lot of converts.

Elder Gibson informed Elder Meinzer that some of the investigators that they taught in Abuakwa have been baptized, like Michael, Charles, Frimpong and Patience. "Sweet!"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elder Meinzer Weeds Like a Ghanaian

The Lord has blessed Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette with progressing investigators, including Sarah and her husband. They had one of the most spiritual lessons of Elder Meinzer’s mission the other day regarding the Restoration. They come to church and basically consider themselves members and want to be baptized. Elder Meinzer knows the Gospel will bless their lives.

Dominic and Genevieve got baptized. The church got Amos glasses so now he can read his Twi Book of Mormon.

They had an All-Africa service project put on by the church and their ward weeded the side of the road and filled in potholes. Members who haven’t seen Elder Meinzer weed are surprised to see him weed so well. “I’m almost like a Ghanaian, or so they tell me.”

The other day one of the returned missionaries in their ward pulled them aside, pointed to a lady some distance away, then exclaimed, “We need you to baptize women like that! That’s the kind of woman that we want to marry. Convert the fine ones.” Elder Meinzer got a kick out of that.
Transfer calls came and Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette are staying in Assin Foso. Elder Meinzer was very happy.

Loving Assin Foso

Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette went on splits with the Praso Elders and Elder Meinzer interviewed their candidates. Elder Meinzer really tried to take his time on the interviews and not rush it, having a prayer in his heart the entire time asking God if they were ready for baptism. They were. It was a really good experience.

Elder Meinzer has started waking up earlier to run around their compound to combat his weight gain.
Things are going well in his area and he loves his ward. He would really like to finish his mission there but he doesn’t think he will be there much longer.

They have been teaching a man named Dominic. They have discovered that with the Twi speaking lessons the translators don’t always convey the concerns of the investigators or their answers correctly. They have had to work through those issues with Dominic. But, he was interviewed for baptism and is ready. Genevieve is also ready for baptism. They have started to teach a girl named Mavis, who played soccer in school. Elder Meinzer thinks she looks like a total soccer player.

Grateful for the Plan of Salvation

The grass in the compound around their apartment was really long so Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette weeded using their cutlasses for three hours-a great cardio workout. Elder Agame pounds fufu (with their help) every morning plus they have been eating a bunch of meals from members so Elder Meinzer is putting on weight.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Ekaette went and served some members and helped them make palm oil. “It’s a messy process.”

Elder Meinzer recently heard that a teenage daughter of some members in Nketsiakrom got hit by a car and died a few weeks ago. The news made Elder Meinzer really sad but also grateful to know of the Plan of Salvation. The family was sealed in the temple.

Their teaching pool is decreasing so they aren’t as busy as they have been in the past. They are dropping people that aren’t progressing. Amos is coming to church each week and still remembers what they are teaching him. He is very humble and Elder Meinzer really likes him.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weeks Are Flying By

Elder Meinzer has been pretty tired these last few weeks when they return from proselyting. So tired that he doesn't even want to take off his clothes. He just wants to go to sleep. But that is good because it means they have a lot of work to do in their area.

Genevieve committed to baptism on the 21st. They met with Juliana to commit her to baptism but she declined. She said that she will be baptized but not now. They are also teaching her daughter, who has come to church the last month.

They have been going to PEC and Ward Council and the leaders respect them and value their opinion, implementing the things that they request (introduce investigators to the class, etc).

Elder Meinzer loves the members in this area and would really like to stay in this area for the rest of his mission.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Humorous Little Situation

About a week and a half ago, they had transfers and Elder Meinzer and his companion had to put elders onto tro-tros to send them to their new areas and also receive new elders. Everything was working out smoothly until the last elder arrived. Elder Meinzer took one elder to put him on a tro-tro to Takoradi while Elder Ekaette took another elder to put him on a tro-tro to Twifo Praso. When Elder Meinzer met up with his companion, they discovered that he had accidentally sent the elder to Assin Praso, a little town in a completely different direction 30 minutes away. So, they had to chase after that elder in another tro-tro, take him back to Assin Foso, then send him to Twifo Praso. Elder Meinzer thought it was a very humorous little situation.

Last week they had a zone leader council. Elder Meinzer feels like President Shulz is concerned about getting to know them individually. President Shulz stressed obedience and gave them a list of 10 different points that he wants the mission to work on. Elder Meinzer thinks that he is a pretty obedient missionary but saw that he can improve.

Richard's dream came true and Elder Meinzer baptized him. Richard was thrilled when Elder Meinzer gave him a picture of the Ghana temple when they were having a lesson on temples. He really wants them to teach his wife so they can be sealed in the temple.

The other day they went to a farm and had to take off their shoes to cross the mud and little rivers that came to the trails because of the amount of rain they have been getting. "It made it fun."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Praying for Strength

This past week Elder Meinzer and his companion went with some of the members to their farm and walked for like 45 minutes through the bush to reach the farm. They have a little mud hut on their farm that they stay in occasionally. They needed stuff from their farm brought back so Elder Meinzer volunteered to carry stuff on his head. Bad idea! "Walking for 45 minutes with a heavy load on my head hurt my neck and I did a lot of praying for strength to be able to reach the roadside. I made it but it sucked."

They have a returned missionary in their ward named Zachary Mensah which is very similar to his name. It is the first Zachary Elder Meinzer has heard of.

We Elder Meinzer first arrived in the area six weeks ago they had essentially zero investigators and had to do a lot of contacting. But now they have a ton of investigators and many people progressing towards baptism. "It makes me very grateful for the Lord and for blessing us in our area as we do our best to be obedient and work hard."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Giant DI Store

They have been able to do a lot of service, like weeding and shoveling dirt around. As a result, Elder Meinzer's hands are getting pretty calloused. However, the Ghanaians always mention that his hands are soft.

Elder Meinzer loves Job & Georgina. The last time they went to teach them they mentioned that their friends are trying to discourage them from going to church. But, they continue to come. They told Elder Meinzer that they like the church and they understand the teachings; they can tell that it is a true church, especially when they compare it to the other churches. They are very humble. Their gospel knowledge is very small, so as they taught them about prayer, they humbly applied it. In the past they didn't know the format of prayer, nor did they pray together. Now they are praying as a family to know if the church is true. Elder Meinzer really likes being around them since they just seem so happy.

Another cool guy is Richard. They finished up the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson, and in the lesson he told them that he prayed about who should baptize him and he said he saw a vision and saw Elder Meinzer baptize him.

Benjamin came to church Sunday and his baptism has been postponed as he tries to figure out the truth for himself. They also had two other investigators come to church, Akua and Julieana. Elder Meinzer didn't think that they would ever come to church, but these women surprised him. "I guess that just goes to show that you can't make a final judgement on people." They had 12 investigators (haven't had that since Abakrampa) and 252 in total attendance. That is the most people Elder Meinzer has ever seen at sacrament meeting.

Elder Meinzer thinks of Ghana as being one big DI store. Last week he bought an ugly flower tie for only one cedi and wore it. "The thing is that the Ghanaians don't even notice it; all they see is my skin color."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Zone Conference with President Sabey

Elder Meinzer with President & Sister Sabey

This week they had their final zone conference with President and Sister Sabey. One thing President Sabey mentioned that Elder Meinzer liked was that he has studied the transitioning of leadership in large organizations and that it is a complex procedure. In regards to transitioning one mission president to the next, they spend two hours talking about the mission (they can’t talk about the missionaries) then the former mission president leaves. The new president doesn’t need the old president to tell him what to do; the Lord does that. Elder Meinzer admires and loves President Sabey. “He works extremely hard and is a very patient and inspired man”. Elder Meinzer wore a black tie to the conference in mourning for his departure but he doesn’t think anybody made the connection.

After they gave Benjamin his baptismal date, his pastor was angry and went and told his mother a bunch of lies about the church so she told Benjamin not to come. So, he hasn’t come back. Benjamin lives with a member and the member told them that they need to do all they can to help Benjamin to understand the truth then allow him to make his own decision.

Job and Georgia are progressing well and are accepting everything they are teaching them and are praying about it. Elder Meinzer can always tell when people are embracing the gospel because they will want them to come by and teach them everyday.

This past week they went on splits with some of the missionaries in a small town called Twifo Praso. It was about 40 kilometers away. They drove in a tro-tro for over an hour on a crappy, bumpy road. They had to wear t-shirts over their white shirts so they didn’t get dirty.

Elder Meinzer hides army guys in each of his apartments and recently he received pictures from Elder Gibson pointing to some of the army guys he found in his last apartment. Elder Meinzer got a kick out of that.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots of Opportunities for Service

"Our apartment is pretty ghetto." So, they have tons of holes in the screens and have a lot of mosquitoes in the apartment. Elder Meinzer kills several a day and has quite a few mosquito bites. We hope he doesn't get malaria again!

There are a lot more opportunities for service in Assin Foso than there were in Kumasi. Elder Meinzer loves going to the farm or just having his cutlass in his hand while he weeds. "I still like to think that I'm pretty good at weeding." Elder Meinzer gets annoyed when people think they can't weed or pound fufu because they are white.

As Elder Meinzer has been on his mission he has realized how important the gospel is. Before he went on his mission, the church was just another part of his life in addition to swim team or triathlons, school, work, or hanging out with friends. Now he has come to see that the church should take first priority in his life because that is what will provide him the blessings and help him to become a better person.

"The Lord has blessed us with so many progressing investigators after only a matter of weeks. It just shows what a little bit of hard work will bring."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I've still got it"

The ward that Elder Meinzer is in is “sweet”! The members do a great job involving themselves in missionary work and are pretty solid. They live in a relatively close geographical boundary; the boundaries for their ward are the smallest in the stake and they are planning on dividing the ward soon. “The ward mission leader is a stud.” He is about 22 and the only member of his family. He has been a member for about three years. He organized an activity with the ward missionaries on Saturday where they went around and contacted people, then he and a returned missionary went and taught them on Sunday. If the people progress, they will hand them over to the missionaries. The ward is great at giving them referrals. They brought five people to church on Sunday and Elder Meinzer usually has a member present for most of his lessons.

One of their investigators is a 20 year old, named Benjamin. He actually lives with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. They finished lesson one last week and taught him again recently. During the lesson he told them he prayed about the restoration and later that night he had a dream. He dreamed that he was a member of the church and later saw himself serving a mission. So that was Benjamin’s answer to his prayer. They are also teaching a 31 year old, named Richard. He is a really happy guy and is accepting everything they are teaching him.

They went to the farm on Saturday and Elder Meinzer really enjoyed being back out in the bush. Just seeing the tall trees and the green vegetation that is everywhere is really exciting to Elder Meinzer. Even though he hadn’t weeded in like three months, he didn’t get blisters. “I’ve still got it.”

Elder Meinzer does all of his wash on Mondays now. He finished it all in under an hour. “Definitely a lot better that when I first came out here and took 45 minutes to wash a days worth of clothes.”

Monday, June 6, 2011

Assin Foso

Elder Meinzer is now serving in Assin Foso as Zone Leader. He was bummed to be leaving Elder Gibson. He was also sad to leave Louis Asare and his family. Four of the eight missionaries in his recent area are training. "It looks like the area was kind of like a launchpad for future leadership".

They traveled down to Cape Coast Friday for Zone Leader Council by tro-tro (it took 2 hours). Elder Meinzer was able to learn a lot about leading in the church. "President Sabey is a great guy and is really inspired." One perk was going to the Cape Coast Castle restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal of rice, chicken and stew.

Elder Meinzer has a noticed a pattern of his mission after his first area. He has been paired with a companion who is also new. So, they have a slow first couple of days trying to build up their teaching pool, getting to know members and getting acquainted with the area. Fortunately, they have a great ward mission leader named Brother Boakye who has been able to help them a lot. Assin Foso has great people and it is one of the coolest wards. Elder Meinzer has never seen so many families, returned missionaries or endowed members in the church on his mission. The people are great with member referrals.

Elder Meinzer's companion is Elder Ekaette, from Nigeria. He is always happy and is obedient.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eventful Week

Louis with Elder Meinzer & Elder Gibson
Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson had an eventful week. Elder Gibson has been experiencing some stomach pains so the doctor in the Africa West Area wanted to see him. And the doctor was in Accra. So, they traveled from Kumasi to Cape Coast and spent the night there at the assistants' apartment. Elder Meinzer slept in the air-conditioning for the first time in over a year and was pretty darn cold. And he had a heated shower. "It's amazing how much I appreciate the simple things out here. I just sat in the shower for awhile and enjoyed myself." Since they were with the assistants, they went around with them. They ended up having an appointment to teach Belinda in Abakrampa, so while they taught, Elder Meinzer went around a visited with some people. Belinda was baptized on Saturday, as was Dora and her family and Reginald, all people Elder Meinzer taught. "It always makes me happy to hear." While Elder Gibson went with the President to Accra, Elder Meinzer went on splits with Elder Lawton in Elmina, which is a beach town. He is an Australian elder who is hilarious. Then they drove back to their apartment. "All in all, it was a fun little adventure."

Louis got baptized, as did ten other people for the missionaries in their district. "We are getting to the point now where our investigators are either being dropped or progressing to baptism, so that means that we are looking for a lot of new investigators."

Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Lord Continues to Bless Us"

Elder Meinzer with a family he loves

Elder Meinzer says, "The Lord continues to bless us out here." The missionary work is a little more difficult in Kumasi in comparison to the rest of the mission, but it is coming along.

Lewis interviewed for his baptism which will be Sunday. We went to his house for the interview. As we were leaving, his mother wanted to give them some bananas. Then she brought them some watermelon. Then some more bananas. And then Lewis told them that they needed to wait because his mother was preparing food for them. She won't take no for an answer when she wants to feed them.

Stephen is fully active and loves reading the Book of Mormon. He is fellowshipping a family that will be baptized by the other Abuakwa elders on Sunday.

"The work is sweet."

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Pieces All Coming Together"

Elder Meinzer has been out fourteen months now. "Before my mission I knew a fair amount about the gospel and stuff. But since I've been on my mission all of the different pieces are all coming together, so it's basically like I'm learning everything again. Everything is just falling into place and makes so much more sense to me and has definitely been strengthening my testimony."

Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson have been teaching a guy named Berneck. He makes flip-flops, or slippers, as he calls them. Basically they are like fashionable flip-flops. They teach him while he is at his shop so they have been able to see how things look from beginning to end. Berneck never got more than a junior high education but is actually really smart. He is one of the few people Elder Meinzer has met that is confused by all the different churches and has asked, "Which church is true?" Most people just accept all of the churches and say they are all right.

Lewis is on track for baptism. His mother loves to feed them when they come to teach. They were able to get the majority of the family together, like parents, Cynthia and Phillip, and six of the kids. It was one of the longest (like 3 hours because of the translating and the amount of discussion) and best lessons of Elder Meinzer's life. As they talked, things began to click in their minds, like the importance of the priesthood. The family began to understand the magnitude of what they were saying. "The atmosphere was just sweet and we had a fun time but were able to help them learn a lot as well." The family said that they would pray as a family to know if what they were saying was true. "Regardless of all the disappointments I may face on my mission, experiences like this make it all worth it!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Two Stupid White Guys"

Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson both needed a haircut so they went to one of the barbers in their area. He did horrible. I guess he isn't use to cutting white guys' hair. He tried to charge them 60 cedis each. The real cost is only 2 cedis. "He just thought that we were two stupid white guys. Joke's on him."

Elder Meinzer has given himself a budget of 2 cedis a day for food. He did this because there are just so many options of things to buy.

When they began teaching Lewis, Elder Meinzer honestly didn't think that much would come of it. He thought that they would drop him soon after that. But he is progressing so well and even has a baptismal date. Elder Meinzer is always happy when they see him because he is such a happy guy. He really looks forward to the lessons they have with him. His mother was the one that confronted them initially about not teaching her son because of the things that she had heard. They are now teaching the mother and she is progressing and really enjoys their lessons. She only speaks twi but for some reason Elder Meinzer doesn't mind those lessons. Elder Meinzer loves to see her piece things together in her mind and then have a look of realization sweep across her face when everything kind of clicks for her.

They had been unable to meet with Joseph for the past couple of weeks because he was out of town. They finally saw him again last night and he was talking about how much he loved the church and how friendly the people are and how much he loves when they teach him. He wants to bring his family to church so Elder Meinzer is expecting his whole family to be baptized in the near future.

Philip came to church again this week. When they went to teach him this past week, he brought out a little notebook that had different words on it that he didn't understand as he read the Book of Mormon, like salvation and redemption. At the top of the page was written, "My Book of Mormon Bible Dictionary."

"It's interesting for me to see how the area has progressed since we first came here."

Monday, May 2, 2011

Elder Gibson Turned a Year

Elder Meinzer and Elder Gibson did a little celebrating of his year mark. They made french toast at a member's house. "It was quite tasty." Then they got together with two elders from Elder Gibson's MTC group and their companions, plus a bunch of other missionaries and had steak. They bought 10 pounds of steak and marinated it over the weekend. They made a makeshift stove by propping up some cinderblocks and then putting charcoal underneath with a little grill on top. The meat was chewy but it tasted good. They had leftover meat so they made kebobs with pineapple and onions.

Loving their french toast

Enjoying their BBQ

They have been meeting with a girl named Dinah. She has a great memory and can basically recite things that she read in the Book of Mormon or the pamphlets they give her. She has come to church the last few weeks.

Charles is 21 years old and has come to church the past two weeks. He asked them what he needs to do to be baptized and they told him to keep doing what he is doing. "Yet another person prepared by the Lord."

The Lord has definitely blessed them as they have worked hard. They had five investigators come to church on Sunday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Stuff in Kumasi

Last Tuesday Elder Meinzer and his companion went with some other elders and got some delicious brick oven pizza for only 12 cedis. "There's just so much good stuff up here."

Elder Gibson and Elder Meinzer were able to go and do a service project for one of the members, Francis. They cut his grass with a mower. "Seriously! It got done so quickly and it hardly required any effort!" Definitely a change from using his cutlass.

Elder Meinzer has decided that his new companion is a nice contrast to his serious nature. He is a funny guy and they get a long well. "I'm pretty sure that I'm enjoying my mission the most that I have since I've come to Ghana."

Lewis is progressing well. They went to meet him last week, and as they waited for him near his little computer repair shop while he went to get his Book of Mormon, they received a call from him telling them to meet him somewhere else. Confused, they began getting up to move but were confronted by a woman speaking Twi. It was his mother. Lewis's sister was with her and explained that she didn't want them teaching her son because of the things she had heard (a bunch of untrue things). In the midst of this, they received another call from him saying, "Don't mind them. Don't mind them." He came to church this week.

They are beginning to get more and more progressing investigators.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Great News from Abakrampa

The Saunders let Elder Meinzer know about some baptisms in Abakrampa. Gladys and Francis were baptized, as was Frank and Sarah. As far as their current investigators in Abuakwa, there is a guy named Lewis who is progressing well. They contacted him about two weeks ago and learned that he was meeting with the missionaries. As they teach him, he always seems happy.

As Elder Meinzer has been thinking about his mission, he has seen that some of the most growth came as he was in Abakrampa for those three and half months. His testimony increased, his relationship with his Father in Heaven grew, he had more meaningful prayers, his ability to teach more effectively increased and he became more comfortable playing the piano in front of people. He thinks that part of this may be because it was some of the most challenging time he has had on his mission.

He really enjoys Elder Gibson. "He is a good guy."

Elder Meinzer really dislikes lessons that involve a translator. He doesn't know how he as able to make it through lesson like that all day every day in Abakrampa. "The Lord must have blessed me with some extra patience."


The area Elder Meinzer is in is like a suburb of Kumasi. People are wealthy and live in large compounds, have cars and travel the world. A lot of people live part time in other countries. Definitely different from Abakrampa where most people had never been outside the region. Elder Meinzer is gradually getting more accustomed to the city pace of life and no longer feels uncomfortable with all the cars and noise. The branch is pretty solid. It has been around for two years and began with about 40 members. In the last two years they have had approximately 120 members join, mostly from members moving into the area. Since most of the people have been members for like 14-20 years, there is a greater understanding of the gospel. The best way Elder Meinzer describes it is the Abuakwa branch is like a ward back home that is trying to deal with tons of recent converts. He loves how the members are so willing to come out and proselyte with them or show them around or help translate. A lot of good people!

One of their investigators is a 13 year old boy named Philip. He comes to church every week and has been a great influence on his family. He has taken some pamphlets to school so that he can teach his classmates. In their last lesson he asked a ton of questions because he wanted to know the answers to some of the questions his friends may ask him.

The former companionship didn't leave them a lot of investigators so they are starting from square one.

They made an awesome discovery. They found a place that sells ice cream-like a vanilla ice cream popsicle with hardened chocolate on the outside. "Simple things make me happy."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Elder Smith & Elder Meinzer

The Lord definitely blessed Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith. Frank is solid. When they finished up a lesson with him, he told them that the lessons were too short and asked them to come back for three hours two day later. He has a deep love for the Book of Mormon and carries it around with him everywhere, reading it at the farm and even going so far as sleeping with it underneath his pillow. Reginald is also solid. He completely accepts everything and when they were talking about the Book of Mormon they pulled out a copy and he immediately said, "how much?" Luckily he doesn't have to pay.

It was in the midst of all this prosperity that Elder Meinzer got transferred to Kumasi as part of a large emergency transfer involving 16 missionaries. There was a disctrict that was being quite disobedient breaking rules so the Mission President decided to just clean out the district and put in new missionaries. His new companion is Elder Gibson from Cedar City, Utah. As a result of the transfers, Elder Darrow is now with Elder Smith. They passed each other on the way.

He is definitely not in Abakrampa anymore. He went from serving in bushy areas his whole mission to the second largest city in Ghana. He was uncomfortable when he first came to a large city with tons of houses and lights. "Where are my trees? Where are my mud huts?" And the language is different. It is Twi instead of Fante. The people are also different. They are wealthy, educated and live in large homes, have TVs and computers and cars and lights. The branch president got put in last week and seems like a driven man. Elder Meinzer attended PEC on Saturday and was in awe at how similar it was to something back home. "These guys are doing it by the book."

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Very Unique Place

Baptism Candidates

Elder Meinzer always thanks his Heavenly Father for the opportunity that he has to be serving in a place such as Ghana. On his entire mission he has only had two people ever tell him that they didn't want to hear the message they have as missionaries. And he has been out over a year! "It's a very unique place."

Lately he has been taking a new approach to his study time to try and become a better missionary. Previously, the main focus of his study time would be studying the Book of Mormon and then he would study Preach My Gospel. But, a month or so ago, Elder Smith got sick (Elder Meinzer has only had two sick days for the entire time he has been out. He has definitely been blessed with good health) so Elder Meinzer spent like three hours studying the sabbath day so that he could come to a better understanding of it. Once he finished he felt much more confident in going out and teaching about this commandment. So, now he devotes all of his time to thoroughly studying the lessons. He feels that if he does this then he will have a broader understanding of what he is teaching and the Spirit will be able to guide and direct him to cater the lessons to the individual he is teaching.

Frank has progressed quite rapidly and has a good knowledge of the gospel. They have also been teaching Reginald. Both men can read and Elder Meinzer sees that a whole array of options are available to them. They can grow in knowledge and understanding on their own and don't need to rely on the missionaries to help them grow. This past week they were introduced to the mother of Francis, who is named Margaret. She learned of the restoration and came to church. She seemed to be very happy to be at church and had a large smile on her face the entire time. They also met Cobbinah and Dora. (every time Elder Meinzer hears her name he hears Bryan Regan in his head, "Doraaaa the Exploraaaa") They have three sons. They taught them for the first time on Saturday night and they came to church on Sunday. They also came to the fireside on Friday and then to clean the chapel on Saturday. Elder Meinzer is pretty confident they will be baptized in the near future.

Elder Meinzer learned that Stephen, one of his converts from Nketsiakrom, is preparing his mission papers. "I don't know why I have such a blessing to be in a place such as this, but I am grateful!"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here's To The Next Year

Elder Meinzer thinks it's kind of crazy to think that he is over a year on his mission. He always envisioned it as being something monumental, but in reality it was just another day. He took a little evaluation of himself and came to the conclusion that he is doing a pretty good job as a missionary with rules and things (He has always been a rules guy) but he needs to continue to try and improve his teaching abilities, which will happen as he studies hard to come to a better understanding of the doctrine.

They went as a district to John's family farm to do some weeding. Elder Meinzer loves weeding. They also sent and did some cleaning and weeding at the local hospital/clinic. At first he had a broom sweeping the inside but later went outside to help. The branch president gave him a cutlass and the hospital workers were laughing at him but then the branch members defended Elder Meinzer saying he really can weed. "I like to think that I'm pretty good. I'm almost a Ghanaian."

Elder Meinzer found out that Mary reads from the Book of Mormon even though she doesn't understand it since she doesn't speak English. Francis and Gladys committed to baptism on April 16. Frank has also committed for the same date.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elder Meinzer's Year Mark

We cannot believe the one year mark is here this week.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith had their bicycles stolen this week. The branch president called all the members in the outlying villages to look for them. One man walked into his friend's home and saw their bicycles. Prayers are definitely answered.

They have been teaching a young family. The parents are Francis and Gladys and they have three children. The family just seems so happy and is embracing everything very well. Elder Meinzer is always filled with such joy when they go there and they seem to drink up all that they are teaching them. The other day they taught them about the Book of Mormon and in investigators class on Sunday somebody had a question on the Book of Mormon, so Elder Smith had Francis and Gladys answer. It made Elder Meinzer so happy seeing them understand things well enough to be able to address questions.

A couple of months ago an older man named Frank told them that he will come to church one day. A lot of people tell them that. But, he came to church this week. He told them that he had not been going to church because of all the confusion that he saw but has decided to join himself with their church because he knows it to be true. Another person prepared by the Lord.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Twelve Fast Sundays Left

Teaching James
(I love the boys in the tree)
Saturday Elder Meinzer and his companion had a baptism with four candidates:Ransford, Janet, james and Florence. James completed their mission goal.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith brought a CD to church to play before the meeting started so the members could learn the hymns and how to sing them correctly. He also had an unusual experience at church while they were having people raise their arms to sustain something. It was the first time in his life that Elder Meinzer opposed. They were trying to give James the Aaronic Priesthood, and Elder Meinzer was the only one who raised his arm when they asked if people were opposed. Standing up, he looked at the surprised face of the branch president and said, "He's ten." He thought it was a pretty cool experience. (So, Zach)

Agnes is a member that they told to stop selling on the Sabbath and she listened to them. One day last week she rushed up to them telling them that the next day all her bread sold in 5-10 minutes. The Lord truly blesses us when we keep His commandments. Sometimes Elder Meinzer thinks it is a little unfair though because we receive such large blessings for doing just little things.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Every Sunday as they walk around they see people failing to keep the Sabbath day holy. This makes Elder Meinzer sad. Recently they had a sister not come to church because she was making palm oil. When they went to visit her, she admitted that she knew that what she was doing was wrong and that she would stop. They talked to her about the blessings that come from keeping the Lord's commandments. She agreed and took down her shop. Just seeing the humility of this sister in keeping the commandment made him happy.

The village of Asumasi is turning out to be very fruitful for them. Ransford will be baptized this Saturday. They continue to have several investigators. Elder Meinzer is continually given examples that God knows His children and will prepare them to accept the gospel.

Recently a chief died in Abakrampa. Back in the day, when a chief would die, people would go and kill people to put their heads around the c0ffin of the chief. One of their investigators has been extremely concerned about them, telling them not to go out. They are taking her warnings seriously and are paying attention to the promptings of the Spirit, but are still going to proselyte.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blessed to be Serving in Ghana

The missionaries had zone conference, which Elder Meinzer always enjoys! President Sabey talked about how blessed they are to be serving in Ghana. They are welcomed and respected, they are very united as a mission, they have effective teaching tools and their mission is very mature-over half of the mission is over a year old. Beginning in August of 2009 and the following two transfers, 60 missionaries came to their mission. President Sabey believes they should be one of the most powerful and effective missions in the world. President Sabey also unveiled the next mission goal, which they will complete before June 26. It will be his final goal as a mission president. The goal is to help a family get to the temple and be sealed. And, baptize somebody who has a family member in the church. The also changed the hours of the mission. In the past, the schedule was to wake up at 6, go out at 9 and come back at 7:30. This was set up since some areas don't have lights so it is difficult to proselyte at nights. Elder Meinzer is in one of the "most villagey" and they can still teach at night under the light of the moon or lantern or flashlight. So, now they wake up at 6:30, go out at 10 and come back at 9. Elder Meinzer likes it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Huge Batch of Converts

Elder Meinzer and his companion are regularly meeting with their recent converts and "helping them become contributors in the kingdom." He loves seeing the faith and the testimony of these converts. Mary absolutely loves the gospel art book. She is quite excited to start paying her tithing. Another recent convert, Helenah, is so happy. Before they started teaching her, she was sullen and quiet all the time. But as they continued teaching her, she got happier and happier. Elder Meinzer loves seeing the transformation.

They got some bikes in their area and ride them out to Ransford's village. The bikes are essentially beach cruisers. As they started riding up hills, Elder Meinzer thought, "How did I ever think this was fun? And why do I want to do it so bad once I get back?" But, he won't be on a beach cruiser, he will be on his Felt.

They have been teaching Hannah, who didn't seem too interested until they taught the Restoration lesson. She told them that it was true and related the story of how they used to pass by her shop a lot and one day something pushed her to call out to them to come over and meet with her.

In Ghana, in sacrament meeting, when people first go up to begin a talk they say "good morning" and the whole congregation responds "good morning."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Testimony of Prayer

On his mission, Heavenly Father has shown Elder Meinzer the importance of prayer and he is now praying with more meaning. Before, he didn't have much to say and his prayers were somewhat repetitious but now he almost has too much to say and he feels like his prayers are directed by the Holy Ghost. Before his mission he rarely said his morning prayers because he would often forget. Now, he can't even imagine a day without praying in the morning. He has always known that the scriptures say "Ask and ye shall receive" and he has been able to witness that on his mission. He regularly sees the prayers of their investigators answered. Recently he had another example. In Alma 30:11 it talks about how we need to cry to God in our afflictions and we will receive joy. In Alma 33:23 it mentions that our burdens will be made light through the joy of Christ. As he recently prayed for comfort during a difficult time, he had an overwhelming feeling of peace and knew that he was never alone because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. "Prayer is powerful!"

The average yearly income for a Ghanaian is $750. Each year the mission spends over $400,000 on the missionaries subsistence alone. And Ghana is one of the cheapest missions in the world.

The other day Elder Meinzer was walking down the street and saw a lady with a wooden platter on her head with a fish on it. He watched a hawk swoop down and take some of the fish off the top and the woman was still able to balance it on her head.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elder Meinzer is 20

Elder Meinzer has been able to see that he has really matured a lot over the last year; like his testimony, knowledge of the gospel, relationships with others, etc. "I like to think that I've been doing a lot of growing up. But I still enjoy army guys."

Elder Meinzer on his canopy tour

Elder Meinzer and his companion went to Kakum "kind of a little birthday present to myself". It was sweet. They went out on a plank bridge that had netting on both sides and a rope to hold on to. The bridge was strung from massive tree to massive tree. He got a little nauseous on the swing bridge but loved looking out and seeing all the vegetation and greenery.

The work is continuing to go along well and he is finding a lot of joy in the success of the recent converts and investigators. He loves that the recent converts go to 5:00 seminary. He is really focusing on not really planning out what he is going to say in advance but is just trusting in the promise that the Lord will fill his mouth with what to say.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The highlight of Elder Meinzer's week was participating in the baptism on Saturday for John, Margeret, Solomon, Emmanuel and Mabel, Mary, Emmanuel & Rita, Helenah , Emmanuel and Eric. "It was a great thing to see all of these people enter into the waters of baptism and begin a life after they have taken on the name of the Savior." They all met at the meetinghouse in Abakrampa and were taken by van to the Yamoransa chapel, where they had a baptismal font. They took 28 people in one load and came back for the rest. When Elder Meinzer was in the car he counted 13 adults and 13 children-and it's meant to seat 15. The mission president said it was the best baptism he had ever been to.

As Elder Meinzer has been on his mission his eyes have been opened to see so many things that he had never realized before and has felt so enlightened. "I just have so many epiphanies that it's ridiculous." The past Monday they were helping John Mensah and his family have a family home evening ("which was sweet") and Elder Meinzer realized how much the gospel truly blesses families. In Ghana he can visibly see how much families lives have been blessed as a result of accepting the gospel.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Elder Meinzer in Abakrampa

The name of Abakrampa came about because there was once a hunter who went to look for a new place to settle and he saw a well underneath a palm tree and on the palm tree was a vulture. "Abe" means palm tree and "krampa" meals vulture.

Elder Meinzer loves going out to the farm. They hike out in the bush on a path about a foot or two wide that is sometimes overgrown with vegetation. Sometimes the paths are covered by palm trees so it's like walking in a tunnel. "It's just so beautiful!"

It is the hamatan in Ghana right now, which means it is dusty and dry. It is also cold at nights. Elder Meinzer hasn't touched his fan in days.

They have an investigator named Regina who will be getting baptized on January 22. She stays with her grandma and her husband works in a nearby town so they haven't met him. They were told he is a member. They recently discovered that he has actually been taught by other missionaries and when they extended the baptismal date to him of January 22, he started crying because he was so happy that he will be getting baptized on the same day as his wife.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Elder Meinzer and his companion had 15 investigators to church and 15 have a baptismal date. The Lord has truly prepared these people and definitely blessed them.

Elder Meinzer started teaching a man in Fante and his eyes got all wide and he was totally surprised. The language is coming along but it is slow. He had his companion translate portions for him that he memorized so he can teach the first three lessons basically in Fante.

Elder Meinzer has grown close to one of the member families there, the Aidoos. He told the dad about the peace sign and said peace in Fante (asomdwee) and he thought it was absolutely hilarious so whenever he or his kids see Elder Meinzer they flash the peace sign and say asmodwee.

Elder Meinzer loves his area and the people are great. They are able to see the investigators about every day because they are home a lot of the time. He and his companion have an endless supply of oranges and plantains from the people. Elder Meinzer loves hiking out in the thick vegetation. Their area is like a small town but hardly anybody has running water. There are a couple of wells in the area that people will go to every morning to get water and carry it home on the top of their heads.

Elder Meinzer loves how he is able to make the kids so happy simply by smiling at them. As they walk down the road kids always call out, "obroni!" and when he waves at them it makes them so happy.