Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ups & Downs of Missionary Life

There is a village called Enoe that is on the top of a large hill and has a lot of houses made from mud. A lot of people don't speak English. There is a 70 year old member who lives near the base of the hill and for the last few weeks they have been going with him to visit some less-active members and to teach some of his referrals. A member recently hired a taxi to go and pick up three elderly women from Enoe and bring them to church. Sunday there were three investigators from Enoe on the front row at church (Isaac, Edward, and his daughter Comfort, who is 11). Later, as they took Comfort to primary, they saw a 10 year old girl named Patience who has sat in on the occasional lesson with Stephen who had walked herself to church. So Cool! Experiences like these help to balance the disappointment of having some new members not coming to church.

There are a lot of ants in Ghana that come into their apartment. They are tiny and fast and you can't leave food out for half an hour or the ants will find it. They really like sugar so all sugary stuff has to go in the fridge.

A recently baptized family was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting and Gilbert received the Aaronic priesthood. Stephin also received the priesthood. Elder Meinzer totally believes these people were prepared by the Lord and all they did was help them along the path to baptism.