Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Ghana

For Christmas Eve their district went out and sang Christmas carols to people and handed out oranges. One day Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith were going to an appointment and a man walked out of the bush from his farm with about 125 oranges in a container on his head. So, they bought the oranges for 5 cedis. For Christmas they went and cleaned the church.

Earlier in the week they had a Christmas gathering at the mission home and received instruction from President Sabey and ate food and got some gifts. Elder Meinzer learned how Christ's Atonement was infinite and accomplished in a finite amount of time. They discussed Christ in America, letting 2500 Nephites come and feel His hands and side and feet, one by one. If each one took twenty seconds, that would have taken fourteen hours. The Atonement was also accomplished one by one. Heavenly Father also planned in advance for the birth of His Son. A star appeared in the sky. Light travels. The light of the sun takes 8.5 minutes to get to the earth. So, if the star was in our galaxy, it would have been created 100,000 years ago. If it was in the furthest galaxy, it would have taken 2.5 million years to get here. God is in control. The missionaries also received a Book of Mormon that they are supposed to finish reading by February 28, marking all the scriptures that reference Christ.

For Christmas the President gave them 5 cedis extra to use on others. Elder Meinzer and Elder Smith combined their money to prepare rice and stew for a couple of different investigators and member families in their area. It was sweet.

They had 10 investigators come to church. The Lord has definitely blessed them!