Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zone Conference

The mission president has asked the missionaries to recommit to proselyting for nine hours a day. He believes they can be effective each day by serving, teaching, getting to know the members, etc. Sometimes missionaries don't see how going out will be effective so they stay in their apartments. On his mission, the president had weeks where they didn't teach a single lesson but they still went out. If they had used that excuse, they would have stayed in their apartment for the full two years. Elder Meinzer had gone into the meeting looking for areas he could improve on and is committed to being better.

The president also introduced something he wants to do in the biggest city (Kumasi, with about 2 million people) that gave Elder Meinzer chills. Currently there is only one stake in the city. The mission president wants to bring the church to the people. The plan is to move more companionships to the city and get them apartments with a front room big enough to hold sacrament meeting so that nobody has to walk more than 30 minutes to worship. He has tried this in another place, Soonyani, where the missionaries had never proselyted. After a couple of weeks they have had over 70 people attend church.

One of their investigators, Emmanuel, committed to baptism. It was a pretty cool experience committing him. During the lesson, they asked him if he believed the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith and the church were all true and he said yes. "Then it was almost like I wasn't talking; I just opened my mouth and the words came out asking him if he would be baptized on December 11."