Friday, November 5, 2010

True Ghana Experiences

Elder Meinzer woke up the other day, freezing, and it was 75 degrees. He knows he is going to have a hard time adjusting to the cold when he comes home.

Elder Meinzer's testimony on the sacrament has grown. When he had malaria he wasn't able to go to church. When he returned, he realized how badly he missed not taking the sacrament.

Recently, Elder Meinzer and Elder Dodd went to the farm of Isaac and Enoch. It was a 45 minutes walk out into the bush. It was the coolest walk on a trail that was basically non-existant at times because of the thick vegetation. At the farm, they were under a canopy formed by tall palm trees. They weeded about one to two acres of thick bushes and ferns and trees. There were others from the ward helping as well. At one point, he heard screaming from the other men and saw them all converging on one location, swinging their cutlasses. They had spotted a grasscutter, which is a rat that is over a foot long. (and yes Elder Meinzer ate some). Later in the day, the men spotted another one. But, Elder Meinzer didn't join in because he didn't think it was safe to be running with them as they were swinging their cutlasses. The whole experience brought a huge smile to his face.

The church is in the first or second generation where Elder Meinzer is serving. The members have such a vigor. They know what it is like to not have the gospel in their lives and really appreciate it. It is humbling serving the Ghana people.

Elder Meinzer got to bless the sacrament on Sunday. It was been a while since he has done that. They don't have sliced bread, so there were just big chunks of bread on the sacrament trays. As they broke the bread Elder Meinzer couldn't help but think that this was probably how Jesus Christ broke the bread.