Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sekondi Zone

Stephen was baptized. The family that Elder Meinzer has been teaching should be baptized this week. Exciting!

Elder Meinzer has realized more and more that this is not his work and that he needs to seek the help of the Lord and His guidance. He needs to do things His way. Since he has come to this realization and applied it, his mission has become much more enjoyable and he has seen more success.

Elder Meinzer was able to watch the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning sessions of conference. This is the theme that he saw: We need to develop faith through obedience and listening to the prophets to build a strong character so as to qualify for personal revelation and to protect the family. Also, we need to have faith to be an example to the world and re-establish the moral values of society even in the midst of persecution.