Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Baptism

The big news is a family was baptized. Elder Meinzer was able to baptize the husband, the wife and the eight year old girl. His first family baptism. Gilbert is already looking forward to getting sealed in a year.

Elder Meinzer's apartment had an epic water balloon fight (Thanks Zufelts!). The power was out so it was hard to see-especially Elder Conteh since he is black :) Elder Meinzer also brought out some water guns so nobody can walk around the apartment in safety. Elder Dodd thought it would be fun to wait around corners to squirt people in their faces, which has made things interesting. Now, everybody is a little paranoid.

They have two investigators that they have been teaching lately. Priscilla (a referral from Isaac) and Patrick (a referral from Harry). They both know that the church is true. Elder Meinzer loves missionary work!