Friday, October 1, 2010

Small Obolo

Elder Meinzer with Elder Ikor

Elder Meinzer and his companion are involved in a lot of service projects all the time. He has seen hearts soften as a result of the service and he grows closer to the people. He has actually had people tell him he weeds with his cutlass like a Ghanaian, which is quite an improvement from the beginning when people actually made fun of him. One of his goals is to become as much a part of the customs and culture as the Africans. He can already weed, wash his clothes and eat like a Ghanaian. Recently he got called a "small obolo" by an investigator which means "small fat person." Next he wants to speak like a Ghanaian. The language is coming along pretty well. He can't wait for the day when he is fluent.

Elder Meinzer is now the oldest missionary in his apartment. Elder Ikor got transferred to Cape Coast. Elder Briggs is now with Elder Conteh. Elder Briggs is from Utah also.

Ransford has proven to be quite the little missionary. He brought two friends to church. Gilbert is now a tro-tro driver and talks to people about the church. Another investigator, Stephen Enyin, is progressing nicely. In the past he would go to a bunch of different churches and always felt like something was missing. When he received a Book of Mormon from some friends, he read it and knew it was true. Elder Meinzer and Elder Dodd definitely feel blessed!