Friday, October 8, 2010


That's right. Just last week Elder Meinzer mentioned that he hasn't been sick for the whole six months and Sunday he woke up with Malaria. Hopefully the Coartem works well. Trying not to think about the fact that 1000 people die each day from Malaria. (Did that fact come from American Idol?)

Elder Meinzer shared a story that put a smile on my face. He was recently talking with an investigator who had been baptized in another church. She said that the months after her baptism, she felt worse than before and contributed this to the fact that they didn't drain the font after they baptized the person before her so that person's sins that were washed away stuck to her. This made Elder Meinzer think, "Where do the sins go that get washed away? Down the drain?"

Elder Meinzer hears "Wo hote den?" about fifty times a day (which means how are you?). The people are very friendly and greet just about everybody. He will definitely miss that when his mission is done.

Elder Meinzer is learning that there are many ways to missionary work. He is a total rule follower and hates to not be on time but doesn't want these attributes to interfere with his missionary work. Sometimes he rushes lessons so that they can get to their next appointment on time. Recently he had an experience where he glanced at his watch during a discussion and realized that they need to end soon but then he felt like he should give his attention to the current lesson and that it would all work out. He felt the Spirit stronger and knew he had made the right decision. Small changes have helped him be more guided by the Spirit.