Friday, September 3, 2010

We can always be improving

Elder Meinzer with his roommates-Elder Conteh, Elder Dodd and Elder Ikor
"Never fall in a spirit of complacency or satisfaction with how things are." by President Kimball is a quote that has had a big impact on Elder Meinzer. I think this sums him up very well-always pushing. The beginning of August he figured they have taught 556 lessons. He isn't too caught up in the numbers but recognizes that it is something tangible that he can see.

Caiji (he has been spelling her name wrong) was baptized so they completed the mission goal of baptizing somebody they found during the World Cup. He is really focusing on making sure the investigators have a testimony and is trying to help them develop friendships with the ward members. Catherina, one of their investigators who has been to church a lot and who has been taught the first three lessons, came to the baptism and then asked Elder Meinzer when she can be baptized. He asked her if she has prayed to know if Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and she said yes but hasn't received an answer yet. He proceeded to tell her that a testimony is part of getting baptized. During the baptism, Elder Dodd saw her go into a classroom and pray.

They have another investigator, Elizabeth, who was taught all of the lessons while she lived somewhere else. She was been reading the Book of Mormon and is in Alma 20. She has told them that whenever she reads, she feels like something is touching her heart, so they are trying to help her understand that this is the Holy Ghost.

Hands of a hard working missionary

Elder Dodd and Elder Meinzer try and do a lot of service throughout the day. This past week they weeded and helped build a house. Blisters on his hands have become a regular part of life.

He has decided that he is going to introduce himself as "Elda Meinza" because whenever he says his name correctly they cannot repeat it but they say it correctly when he says it this way.

Elder Meinzer has memorized a pray in Twi (Twi is similar to Fante) and continues to work on the language.