Friday, September 3, 2010

Time is Flying By

The Church in the Africa West Area had all the wards do service projects. For the four wards near Elder Meinzer-Kojokrom, Sofokrom, Nketsiakrom and Mpinstin-they worked at a school for the mentally handicapped. A lot of the members were surprised that Elder Meinzer and Elder Dodd could weed.

Last week Elder Dodd and Elder Meinzer went out contacting and came across a man named John. It was difficult to schedule a time with him, and as they were leaving they asked if there was something they could do to help him around the house. He immediately showed them an area behind his house and they went to work. They worked hard and he told him, "Elder Meinzer, you can weed pa-o" (pa means plenty in Fante and they just like to add "o" to things). After they finished weeding, he asked them to come the next day to teach him. Service definitely opened the way for them in this situation.

Gilbert hasn't been able to come to church because of his job but he has been having conversations with his co-workers about the Book of Mormon helping them to understand that it does not contradict the Bible but accompanies it. He isn't even baptized yet but is already being a missionary.

Elder Meinzer has taken one of his plastic army guys and carries him with him thoughout the day and puts it in his photos-just trying to keep himself entertained.