Monday, September 6, 2010

Standard of Obedience

Elder Meinzer has decided to pay three times as much to go to an internet cafe that has high speed internet since they only have an hour for e-mails. It has a fast connection and even has air conditioning.

President Sabey wants to re-establish a standard of obedience. Here is a brief rundown on his chastisement (which Elder Meinzer thinks the mission needed). They need to serve the Lord faithfully because they have committed to follow the Lord. They will receive the gift of faith as they are more obedient and they should not be casual or situational about the rules. It is never safe to rest; they need to do the very best they can do because they are capable of doing so much better.

Enjoying his fufu

Their apartment boiled some casava and plantains, borrowed a mortar and pistol and pounded their own fufu. It took a couple of hours but it was a lot of fun! The fufu wasn't the best but it was cool that they could do it.

Elder Meinzer loved riding the bike...Elder Dodd didn't!

Elder Meinzer was in a companionship of three this week with Elder Ikor. They went to his area and rode bikes to a lot of the villages. It took one hour to get to one of the villages. This totally put a grin on his face. Each time they would turn a corner and Elder Ikor and he would see a hill, Elder Ikor would look back at him and smile because they knew that Elder Dodd, who was riding behind them, would start yelling, "Are you kidding me??" As they went and taught a lesson and Elder Ikor taught in Fante, it made Elder Meinzer look forward to the day when he can speak the language and teach people out in the villages, because he loved it out there. There were only fifty homes in the villages and the homes were made out of mud and sticks and surrounded by a bunch of vegetation.

Catherina has committed to baptism on the 18th and Gilbert has quit his job so that he can come to church on Sundays and he is planning for everyone in his family to be baptized and for his newborn son to go on a mission.