Monday, September 13, 2010

Sixth Month Mark This Week

Sixth Month Celebration with Elder Darrow

Elder Meinzer still hasn't gotten used to the cold showers that they have every morning. He still has to count to three to jump in.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Dodd have decided that they haven't been using the members as much as they could so last Sunday they scheduled a bunch of appointments with families to stop by and leave a message. He loved stopping by the members homes and leaving a message on the Plan of Salvation, because he feels the Spirit quite strongly when he enters their homes and he knows they will be blessed because of their faithfulness. At the conclusion, they say something like, "Unfortunately, many people in Nketsiatrom have never heard of this wonderful plan and the peace that it can bring. Do you have any friends that we can share our message with that will benefit from this knowledge?" The results of this approach have been wonderful! They have received several promising referrals and the families are continuing to look for those whom they can invite to their homes to listen to them.

At one of their lessons, a member named Brother Ephraim told them about how he was looking for the true church for a long time while he was a young man and investigated the church for eight months before he joined. Then, he went on a mission right after he got baptized. Since they didn't have a MTC, they had an orientation training and then he went out to serve. He was one of 20 missionaries in all of Ghana, so he was a pioneer. He was also involved in opening the MTC in Ghana.

This week they commited Emmanuel to baptism on October 9. This Saturday they have Ekua and Catherina getting baptized. He can see many of his investigators getting baptized in the near future. Exciting stuff!

His sixth month mark is this Saturday and he has been thinking about how much he as grown and changed since he has been on his mission. He honestly things that a mission is more for the benefit of the missionary than for anyone else. His testimony and knowledge of the Gospel has increased tenfold, he has come to better appreciate the Church and the wonderful influence it has had on his life, he has come to better appreciate his family, he is now able to better utilized his time (He is always looking for ways to do something else with his time and doesn't really rest unless he is sleeping or eating), he has seen how great service can be and he is more tolerant of others and their shortcomings. "Basically, I know that being on a mission is the best thing that I could have done with my life right now!"