Friday, September 24, 2010

Mission Conference & Catherina's Baptism

Sekondi Zone

Elder Sitati of the Quorum of the Seventy came and addressed the missionaries. He told the missionaries that they need to utilize the area book (a record of the investigators) more in their planning and to seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost as they do.

Elder Darrow and Elder Meinzer (with his glasses)

Elder Meinzer bought a pair of glasses to wear last week for fun. He mostly wears them around the apartment. He took out the lenses because they were hurting his eyes and he has received a ton of reactions from people. People will walk up to him and look at his face from different angles to try and see if he has lenses in the frames and some have gone so far as to try and poke him in the eye. When they ask if he has lenses in his glasses, he replies "yes" and then scratches his eye through the frame. Just keeping himself entertained.

Their new mission goal is to baptize a referral from a recent convert and to help a convert prepare a name to go to the temple and do baptisms for a deceased ancestor.

Catherina was baptized and Elder Meinzer performed the baptism. She has a bunch of support in the ward, which is wonderful. They had eight investigators to church this week, six were member referrals.

The missionaries love Brother & Sister Lamb

Last week the Lambs took his apartment out to more of the villages to share the message of the restored gospel. It was cool thinking it was the first time missionaries had ever been to those places and the first time the gospel had been heard. As they drove out on the muddy and bumpy road, Elder Meinzer kept thinking how beautiful this world is that our Heavenly Father created for us. He loved looking at the untamed jungle. It was so green.