Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Missionary Moments

Sekondi & Takordi Zones

Ransford was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. Also, Kae committed to baptism on August 7 and will fulfill their mission goal. "These are the moments when the missionary work is sweet."

Elder Meinzer had the opportunity to give the District instruction and felt like he did a lot better job than he did the time before. But, he still feels like there is much more for him to improve. That realization hit him when he did splits with Elder Halling, his Zone Leader. Prior to the split, he was feeling pretty confident in himself and his teaching abilities, but as they had lessons and Elder Halling taught, Elder Meinzer realized what specifically he could work on. His high expectations of himself continue, which is usually a good thing.

Elder Meinzer has decided that there are low and high points everyday and throughout the mission. Last week was kind of a low point for him but the Lord blessed him on Sunday when he had nine investigators come to church, most of which he can see getting baptized in the near future. One investigator, Gilbert, stopped them on the road two weeks ago and said he wanted to come to their church. They didn't think much of it because they hear that all the time. But, he showed up. They have been able to meet with him a couple of times and he has told them that he has prayed to know what church he should be a part of and wants to have his name added to the records of the Church. He also mentioned that he wants to bring his wife next week. They also had Joseph come to church, which was a miracle in and of itself. He is the member with the foot that is crippled. This was a man that had so much faith that he walked about a mile to church on a crippled foot so that he could feel the joys of church worship. It definitely was an example to Elder Meinzer of what his attitude should be while attending church. "So, in my moment of sadness and despair, the Lord blessed me when I needed it the most."