Monday, July 12, 2010

New Companion...Elder Dodd

Elder Meinzer and Elder Dodd

Elder Meinzer says being a trainer is definitely a humbling assignment and he is grateful that both the Lord and his mission president have enough trust in him to accomplish this task. He is excited about the experiences and responsibilities that are ahead of him. He has been out in the mission field for over three months now and finally feels like he is adjusting more to the schedule, the environment and the missionary work; "Ghana now feels like home!" He also feels like the time is starting to fly by.

Elder Dodd is from Utah. He is 6'4'' and has been enlisted for about 22 months as an army combat medic. And since he was in the army, he is pretty good at following the rules, which Elder Meinzer thinks is sweet.

This past week they had Zone Conference. Here are some of the highlights of what he learned: The commandments that we have been given should not be viewed as restrictions, but as opporutniites to receive blessings. The rules are designed to protect us and defend us. And, happiness is a choice.

The missionary work in Ghana is great. They have had more progressing investigators, the members are becoming involved and they have had more investigators come to church. They challenged a 15 year old boy named Ransford to baptism and he accepted and his mom gave her permission. He will be baptized on July 24. He has come to church regularly for about a month or so and enjoys the teachings; he even told them that he always feels "good and happy" when he comes to church. They are also teaching his mother. Kae s the niece of a family in his ward that they have taught several times. She is a football findee (they began teaching her during a World Cup match). There is also a man named Cornelius that they have taught the first two lessons to and he is doing great. After they taught him the Plan of Salvation, he included a little piece of paper on the back of the pamphlet entitled "What I know," which basically had his testimony of the teachings. Elder Meinzer really enjoys teaching the Plan of Salvation to investigators but they don't get to teach it very often because the Restoration lesson weeds out many of the investigators who aren't serious.

As he has been out in the mission field, he has had a lot of different things put into perspective, like how important the gospel is, how much he really loves his family and other things. One thing he has come to discover is that prayer is essential in all that we do. As a misisonary, he has come to realize how great prayer is. Elder Dodd is like Elder Meinzer, in that he wants to pray to seek for the assistance of the Lord as they go throughout their day. This has resulted in some pretty spiritual experiences. He and Elder Dodd say tons of prayers every day (maybe 20-30) and he is doing his best to avoid vain repititions. "I am speaking to my Heavenly Father! It's amazing that we have such a means of communication readily available to us and for that, I am extremely grateful!"